Shamans always late to the fight

Could we please have the totems work immediately upon being dropped? I find myself often late to the fight (except boss fights) because of how long it takes to initiate anything.

If being late to the fight is supposed to be part of the class, then could we at least add to a talent (maybe blazing speed) to change this?


I agree, the orbs could at least stay on your hands until you respond totems.
That is what I do take the,orbs to the next fight then throw the totems down . When you are playing with mages you can not keep up


Please do this to shaman, I would play it more but by the time the totems are set up half the mobs are dead lol


Is gotten to the point that if I’m in a party, I don’t even try to do play shaman as the party has already killed the mobs before my totems are out. I only play it for boss fights

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