Shard 15 Reset on us. Lost Shard

Hi all, im posting this because i think i have a good understanding on what happened here.

Me (Grantmul), Sky, Netgrue, Vuvu and kingme were doing a 15 Broken halls at reset tonight.
We left the one group to finish at the end and proceeded to clear the dungeon with about 15 minutes left.
After the last boss we all went to graveyard to go back for the last group, but i was unable to go to graveyard.
After a few attempts i opted to log out and log back in. As soon as I logged back in (as we were all in discord) i hear “OHHHHHH WHAT THE %$^$”
The dungeon reset to a non-sharded dungeon. And the shard was lost.

Im posting this because I was the party leader and i feel that if a party leader gets de-synched and re-logs it might reset the dungeon.

Just might be something to look into. And i hope the devs can get Netgrue’s shard back.
Thought id just report this in hopes that it can be fixed or doesnt happen to anyone else

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Wow that truly sucks, never heard about that bug… but there must be logs so you likely get at least the shard back.

If you can not go to graveyard often a simple switch of classes makes that possible. There’s several similar bugs, for a complete desync it won’t help, but the one where you can not press reawaken is usually fixed by switching classes while dead, then the reawaken button becomes active again.

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Didnt think about switching classes, didnt think re-logging would cause that issue. But in the future if that happens again i sure will give that a go :slight_smile:

I am sure re-log should not cause that issue every time because the shard user relogged many times in our dungeons. When the shard changes into a normal dungeon it means the zone got reset. Either from a server restart or a zone crash. Had it many times. That login could have triggered it but again won’t be reproducable every time by just doing that, because we had that situation many times without a crash. So more was going on that actually reset the dungeon. It might be a good clue though for the devs.


i agree was just posting what i found so that it might shed a light on something :slight_smile:
But 100% the dungeon reset when i relogged back into the dungeon

Hi, sorry for the issue and frustration - we found and were able to fix the crash your group experienced there, so it shouldn’t happen again in that particular situation.

I’ll follow up with the others regarding the shard.


Hey Mathieu_D thanks for looking into it. It was my shard that got lost, and I was so looking forward to getting my +6 legendary mask ;-). I submitted a bug report right after it happened. Jerry_n, thanks for bringing it up here! I’ve seen this happen one other time in a party with Datalus. He lost the shard but the devs were able to recover it. Hoping I can say the same!

Woot, got the shard back! Thanks Dev team!


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