Shard dungeon scaling past level 10


In the dev spotlight about endgame and post launch content, you mentioned higher scaling shard dungeons would be coming with content patch one.

Is this still part of the plan for content patch one? Are there any details (i.e. are bosses just going to become so strong that it’s impossible to tank without multiple healers and/or kiting)? I’m very much looking forward to harder shard dungeons for a new challenge, as I’m sure much of the endgame community is.


Yes! More fun content


I would really like to see more challenging shard dungeons, though simply continuing to scale them up will lead to issues. As Cam points out certain bosses and even some trash packs will simply become untankable without multiple healers, multiple tanks, or kiting. Another issue is with the huge lack of balance between dps classes of the highest skill level. If the hit points of bosses and trash are just scaled up with shard levels past 10 there will very quickly come a point when it is impossible to complete it in 30 min if you use anything other than the top mages as your dpsers.

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