Shard incompletable

I was doing a level 10 shard, abandoned mines with mobile and hot foot, and one of the first groups of enemies would not aggro on us, they would attack till we fought back and then they would regain all their health, I took a video of it so if I need to provide evidence I can, just let me know, personally, all I want is to just get my shard back, we didn’t complete it and I’m currently waiting to get the broken lv 8 one back. In game name is Costco

Edit:Shard was lost cause headset made me restart when it ended

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Was anyone in your group invisible to other players at the time? I’m on Quest 2, and I’ve noticed I become invisible to other players ~50% of the dungeons I do. When mobs aggro on me, they reset, and restore to full health. Restarting the headset will make me termporarily visible again, until it happens again. I wonder if our issues are related?

I don’t think so, we could all see each other and it happened to every person, we even all re logged and exited the dungeon and came back, never fixed itself

Sounds a lot like a desync/network error to me. Hopefully they can restore your shard. Just to check, did you guys do these steps:

Relog -> To graveyard -> (relog) -> Reawaken -> Log off -> Close game -> restart device -> log back in.

Sometimes that will help if you are in a network disconnect because it sounds like there was something wrong with the server.

Not in that exact order, and it was only 2 specific enemies, we killed other dudes, and ones past them were just fine, but only the specific 2 were doing this glitch, plus, just to play the game, we shouldn’t be required to take like 5 mins to do that, if we did that and it somehow did work, the shard would still inevitably break

Which group specifically was it?

Had this issue on a raid yesterday… or was it today… I can’t remember. But ya, if mobs spawn JUST right, they instantly leash when hit. It’s awful.

The same happens in “The Lair (DLC)” with 2 Enemy’s from time to time.
When u climb up next to the npc (when u enter and go the first left),then turn right into the tunnel.
There are 4 little bugs of witch 2 will leash upon hit.

what happens here is one of he assassin scavs likes to get stuck in the boulder, try putting on gravity orb to get it out

although they should really fix this

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The third group, the pistoler and melee scav’s

Was there a mob missing? My first thought it one of them got stuck in a wall, which then breaks the group. The best course to fix that is using a musky gravity orb

Yeah, I’ve heard that a few times now, and there probably was, but at the time we didn’t know that, and a glitch ultimately broke my shard, all I want is to be able to get my shard back to try to run it again