Shard lost because server restart


We didn’t know there was a server restart coming. So we lost our shard. Name “astragt” @Riley_D

Please block being able to start shards when a server restart is coming…


There was an announcement at 45, another at 20, one at 5, and another at 1… just saying.


We were logged off at both 45 and 20 mins anoumcement and got the 5 min announcement in the middle of the shard. Actually saw tge 1 min announcement not even the 5 for some reason (which would be mid shard too)


I was even logged in, we just had a small break between 2 shards that might be the 20min notification we missed. But I definitely saw nothing else except for the 1min warning, and we all were like ‘wtf?!’
Btw this is not the first time it happened to me, so confusing when other ppl tells you theres a restart and I just dont got the notification :woman_shrugging:
I think Scott’s suggestion is fine, to block the start of new shards when theres a restart coming up


Sorry, that would be a horrible suggestion for us, except if that means to not launch them like 10 minutes in advance (and some shards are even shorter than this…). Which would not help those missing messages and starting harder shards. Most patches are launched during our prime playing time, many members only got 2h, we reserve perhaps 15-20mins for the restart, but not more.
When a server note comes - currently 45mins in advance - that means we have half an hour for low shards, I’d start a low one we usually do in less than 15mins even 20mins before restart; idling around for 45mins would cut off half our evening playtime for no real reason.

My suggestion would rather be makin the note more visible, like displaying it permanently right over player’s health bars - where the log is anyway; but it should not scroll up when new messages come - or below, in red letters or so and with updates every 5mins.


Well or just a pop up when we try to put the shard in with like’ hey theres a restart coming up you sure?’

Or as you said a permanent message in your view or whatever, there are many reason why ppl can miss the notifications, so there needs to be something