Shard Reset completely to normal on last mob kill :-(

Our Sewer 11 just reset at the LAST mob killed and turned into a normal dungeon, no chests, nothing, well I guess we need at least that shard back, a shame that we lost the 13 it was turning into :frowning:

Ingame reports were also sent. My ign name is Metris - shard was owned by me (fatigued, break it, aggr, I believe)


This was a big shame as I was in the shard as well and was hoping to get a shaman mask to infuse or replace my current one :thinking:

We’ll take a look at the logs and see what we can do. Thanks for reporting it and we’re sorry for the issues. Usually a shard instance crash is a quick fix to debug too so we should be able to fix the cause.

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Should be in your delivery chest now.

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