Sharded Sewers heavily glitched?

Broke a 5 today.

First rat boss started glitching and cast that revenge skill right at the start of the fight while doing this weird attack animation that was looping like the boss kept resetting the animation and restarting it. So we ended up with poison right at the start of the fight.

Also, the rat boss kept disappearing like it was jumping to a different level. (It looked like there was a spot where the floor’s ‘hitbox’ was somewhere completely different as the rat would step on an area and it would look like the rat warped out of sight).

The boss’s aggro seemed strange as well, though we can’t tell if that was due to the tank or due to some other reason. Sewers first boss and Broken Halls first boss seemed to want to aggro everyone but the tank. I suspect the glitchiness was part of the issue. It felt like Wild Creatures was procing on the boss. Not sure if it was or not.

Slime boss kept resetting/leashing and would keep the slime washed state after the reset. Also, whenever someone passed next to the slime boss (melee range), it would instantly aggro them and kill them. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but it happened every time I saw someone get close.

Rat boss will leash if he touches the lever. It’s annoying as all get out :confused: also, did you wipe and then he went into animation loop? I’ve noticed that happening if we wipe at the right time during his rotation.

Yeah, we wiped since the rat boss disappeared/teleported away, making it hard for the party to do anything about the rat.

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