Share your stories here

Okay orbus is a great game and I’m sure we all have a funny story to share about an experience or adventure in the virtual world let’s hear them.

Earlier tonight I tried fishing for the first time I was bored while waiting to catch my haul I passed time by rapping and on my way back to turn in the quest for 5 sunfish I noticed a couple of other players trying to catch their quota so I tell them the fish bite more if you rap to them and without missing a beat this guy dropped a solid 16 bars we high fived and he caught three fish in a row was so awesome.

The orbus community is the friendliest I’ve met everyone is willing to help noobs in highsteppe and as the noobs gain footing they share what they know with more new comers it’s a pretty amazing phenomenon with proximity chat. Strut our stuff show off some of that community love
So how about it all story time?


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