Shield and color sensitivity



Hai. I know im abit new to the game. But i feel a need to say this.

My eyes are very light/color sensitive, specially to blue light which hurts alot when i look at it.

In this game i love the feel of the sword but i simply cant use the shield cause of the bright blue transparency it gives. It hurts and feels like acid in my eyes.

I have 2 suggestions to this which i know one have allready been talked about alot.

  1. Make it look like an real shield instead of an transparent thingy. Wood iron or whatever shields are made of.
    This will fix the bright blue issue for light/color sensitivity.

  2. Please make so we can choose the color transparency of that shield. Personally i would make it red instead since that is the color that hurts my eyes the least.
    But you could make an option for Blue/Green/yellow/Red or just simply give players an color wheel so they can choose the color themself for what they want their shield to be.
    And maybe how transparent/Bright it is.

Again. Im writing this cause of the pain i get in my eyes from those 2 things in 1. Bright and Blue.
To describe the feeling im getting. Its like someone dumping acid directly into my eyes. Thats how it feels.


a while ago the shield where a big debate and we had to settle with what we had. I completely agree with the brightness, we need a slider to set the brightness for it that should help.
(edit I do actually like the transparency in honesty)


I disagree. You are the first one I ever heard with this problem in the 2 years of this game. I find a color slider for a shield specifically a very unnesecary specialized setting.

Aren’t there any apps which can filter specific colors out on every screen you see? How do you survive any sky in any game at daylight? -_-

(the transparancy will most likely always stay. It is a choice of the devs and has advantages)


There a ton of improvements that can be made to the shield but this one seems the most necessary. Especially when the game itself lacks any real control over the video settings. Great recommendation.


I’ve always hated pulling out the shield at night. I’ve gotten used to it (Unlike the bright blinding white menu), but it’s always been an annoyance. I don’t mind it during the day. Seeing enemies through it and easily seeing the white hit spark is my favorite part about the transparency.

The original warrior used a solid shield that’s viewable in guild city on the weapons table. All of those weapons were early versions of class weapons. The musketeer used to use the double crossbows. The solid shield was hard to use because it blocked your entire vision a lot of the time. It was cool in the ‘realism’ department, but in actual gameplay it was bothersome and got in the way.


Yea. I hope this is something they will add in the reborn one if they make transparent. And hopefully this version too. Since bieng able to change the color to your liking will improve alot in the game and the brightness. Specially for people with light/color sensitivity like me.
And with colors im basicly meaning that some colors are brighter than others and specially blue effects the eyes.


They’ve already scaled the dungeons and some mobs, why not scale the menu brightness! :stuck_out_tongue:


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