Shield is always in my waylol

did u guys mess with the shield? i cannot block and attack at same time even f shield is put slightly to the side. It just makes the dps fall so badly and the awkward pauses are too often. i’m pretty much just swinging through my shield until my combo is about to go off then move the shield. cuz it’s easier than stuttering through your combos in between blocks. Also i find my shield blocking some of my sword strikes while my shield is completely to my side.not sure what shape the hit box is on that shield or what needs to be where for your attacks to not be hit by the shield. I think it’s make sense if my sword contacts my shield at all but i should be able to hit around my shield still IMO. what u think?

This is covered in the Patch Notes

Fixed a series of bugs with the Warrior’s shield and detection of blocking attacks. Now the same logic is used to detect if an attack is blocked by the shield both from the “monster attacking player” perspective and the “player attacking monster” perspective. The previous behavior of deciding if a monster’s attack is blocked is unchanged, but now it should not be possible for Warriors to hold their shield in one spot and block monster attacks while still attacking the monster and not having their attacks blocked.

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nooooooooooeee lol how’s the balance endgame with that in mind? i found it pretty difficult to hold aggro before, now it will be very very difficult to hold aggro on multiple mobs since you can’t lower your shield often enough to get the combo out. I feel like the class needs a damage buff but how do you guys feel about the state of the class? I’m just comparing how i felt about their balance before this change (in beta 4) and how it feels now

I’m willing to consider re-balancing after we see how it goes, but this was always the way the mechanic was supposed to work.

Yeah i wouldn’t mind the mechanic if my damage was not obliterated. it’s very difficult for me to do even two large swings before the monster attacks again. right now my best combo is rush in, block first attack and immediately do a left up left right combo, shield to block attack while left up left, drop shield for the up and i’m able to have it timed perfectly so i always get the combo. but all my swings up to the combo get wasted because It would take too long to swing a big arc and then pull up my shield. I’m glad you’re willing to consider balance changes in the future so that makes me hopeful. I think i’ll continue for a while as warrior and see how i like it.

holy crap the shield sucks. Even when it’s tot he side, if you clip it while finishing a swing it won’t count the hit. The horn is the only aggro gen now because in order to use provoke you have to drop the shield. More than 2 enemies at a time and the basic attacks stagger so you get hit no matter what. It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve tried moving the shield all over the place as to not get blocked but it still negates my hits while letting the enemy hit me.

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This should not be happening. Do you have a video or something showing that?

I haven’t been recording this test. Essentially I’ll swing left and the bottom pommel of the sword will touch the shield and no damage will happen. I eventually just put he shield away and relied on Sour to heal me. Now I just move the shield behind me if I’m going to attack, which I don’t attack until I lose aggro

Okay so to be clear, what you’re saying is that when your sword hits your actual shield, even if it doesn’t hit the enemy, it’s giving you the “blocked attack” sound?

The time when it determines if you blocked your own attack or an enemy attack is why the actual attack happens. So like when your sword hits the enemy, if your shield is in the way it is “blocked”. It shouldn’t have anything to do with if your actual sword hits your actual shield.

For instance if an enemy is right infront of me. I move my shield to the side, swing left. The swing is coming in from the right so it’s nowhere near the shield. It clips the shield during the followthru and it acts like the attack was blocked. Sound, vfx, everything

Get us a recording if you can of it so we can look into it more.

Okay so as I said, what’s happening there is that the shield is actually still “in between you and the monster” when your sword hits.

Honestly I think what it sounds like is happening is that the shield is just really too big collider-wise. Like that was okay when you only cared about whether you were blocking an enemy, but now that it blocks your attacks as well it’s just too hard to move it out of the way entirely (like what you see happening isn’t what’s happening).

I will do some more work on that.

But I should also point out that generally speaking the way the mechanic was always supposed to work is, attack, move shield in to block enemy attack, attack, move shield in, etc. So all that shield movement was just not there before because it was bugged.

I think 30% or more damage boost would fix it. feels like more powerful but spaced out attacks. the damage of a tank feels stupidly low lol i literally just horn and keep the shield up until it breaks then run until it’s back up. Anyways every other class seems to be doing quite well killing stuff before it gets to them.

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Riley, same issue as Logan. I’ve been able to work around it but it took a few deaths to red tails in town. If the last 1% of the swing connects with the shield box (Right to left) the animation shows like a good swing but no damage registers. I thought I was lagging super hard. The only thing that works is bringing the shield arm (my left) way Way behind me/45 degrees


Yeah this change (bug fix) basically 180th the Warrior class tackiness. Bad timing :confused:

i don’t know if this has been resolved yet but i literally have to hold my shield behind my back or over my head to not clip it with my sword and block my attacks. sometimes i completely put my shield away when i’m solo grinding because it’s not even worth the trouble.

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