Shower Idea! Battery Packs

So the one thing that kept stopping me from playing for long periods at a time was the controller life. I know i might be a little to into the game but to make the controllers last longer why not just connect a usb battery pack to them and put the battery packs into your pockets. OMG LONG GAMING THAT COULD KILL YOU! i feel excited meow. Good Idea/Bad Idea


@Sour has been doing this since Closed alpha 1. He keeps trying to convince me to do it but as a warrior even with long cables I’d get all tangled. Works great for musketeers!

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Yeah I had the same issue, but I got some with D clips on them and hang them from a camel back I ware when I play. Stay hydrated and charged up!
I’ll upload some pics once I get home.

You and me casey b…we are gunna die to this game arent we.

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Aye, but it be a glorious death.

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Yo! I bought two of these back when they were on sale for $20 each. I put them in my cargo shorts pockets, the one on the sides of my legs.The cords are plenty long enough for me and it was one of my secrets to nonstop grinding to max level.

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i was pants with this many pockets filled with chargers

Why do you need chargers to grind constantly?

yeah mainly because i missed this past beta and im off college till the 25th so i can game for like 4 days straight and still have time to catch back up on sleep before school starts back up.

After around 8-10 hours my vive wands batteries will run out. So I then plug them into the battery packs to charge them while I keep playing. I was the first person to level 16. It took me 18 hours straight. :sweat:

OHH, Vive! I didn’t consider the recharging.

Same, i have been using a portable batt and the charge cable that came with the vive since alpha.

Another tip for extended sessions, swivel bar stool. Keeps you at standing height and perfect for the non dungeon fights. Fishing is so much better sitting down

I guess that is a nice thing about the Touch controllers - can easily take out the batteries and replace with a backup set… that being said I haven’t had to change them once since I received my rift and they are still showing as completely full :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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