Shower thoughts

I’ve mentioned this before; this game is going to be a lot more popular than you think. Note that your membership went from 150 for your first test to 800 for this one. And we’ve only just started getting the word out. I have never seen a popular mmo that didn’t crash the servers at launch; please be ready for it! Plan on a que, don’t get caught with your “pants down”.

Second. With all of the roles except the mage, there are a finite number of ways to activate your commands. Ie; there are only so many ways to fire a gun or shoot an arrow. With the mage, however, we entering uncharted, unestablished territory. There is no “standard” for waving our controllers around. As a result of this, I’ve noticed that every game that incorporates casting mechanics gets flooded with “recommendations” of the “proper” way to cast spells. I highly recommend that you pick things that work for you and stick with them. If you start “listening” to the public you will alienate most of them. Just figure that if it works, people will figure it out. Obviously you want to fix any bugs, but you get the idea, I hope. And plan on getting a LOT of advice and complaints. It’s going to happen no matter what you do, just ignore most of us.

Third. Like a lot of other people, I would like to complain that I can’t play this game, yet! Sleep is vastly over rated; git to work! :grin: Can’t wait! (they need to come up with an emote for “throwing money”)


Haha, thanks for the feedback.

I think on the first problem (about it being more popular than we think), that will be a good problem to have. :slight_smile:

We’re pretty solid on the way that we want to the mage to work. And I do have previous experience starting up a company/game like this one before…Roll20 (my last project) definitely had a lot of people who gave us a lot of feedback, some of which we ended up using, but a lot of which was just incompatible with our vision for what we wanted it to be. Like you said, you don’t want to end up with a “camel” (a horse designed by committee, as they say), so while I love getting feedback and if it meshes with what we want to see for the game that’s great, at the end of the day you also have to be okay going “alright well the game won’t be exactly how every single person who plays it wants it to be, and that’s okay.”

Anywho, glad you’re excited for the game! And I am already getting no sleep working on it so unless you know of a way to actually get 25 hours out of day, I’ve got that angle covered…haha.

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