Sicilus’ Beastiary II

I completed Sicilus’s first quest (four Dyrdons), but she won’t give me the second quest. She is still at University isle, just mute. Nearly level 9… what gives?

Ill have to dbl check in the morning, but I think you have to complete the main story quest with her before moving on with the beast quests. She comes into the main story after the Last Meal and Follow the Signs quest.

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^THIS IS CORRECT^ You must do story quest first.

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Good to know! I picked up Beastiary I and am halfway through it. I wasn’t sure if the jump in quest difficulty (I’m still only level 6) was due to RNG not giving me a decent weapon or because I’d missed out part of the story line.

Thanks. That makes sense. Just surprising because finishing up that line will put a big gap between Beastiary I and II.

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