Sicilus bestiary V bug/inconsistence + desert boss fight poison


For the sicilus bestiary IV quest, when you get to go to the desert dungeon, and specifically when you kill the 3 small tanks (don’t remember their name), anyways, since the poison is crazy effective, and sometimes took multiple dispels before getting cured (which i think is also a bug by the way), as a mage i had to play one of the decurse role, and didn’t dps much, so i only got 2 of the 3 boss kills (meaning the quest couldn’t be completed)… which doesn’t seem fair… I think that everyone in the party should get the 3 kills, even if they didn’t dps, especially as a mage the time it take to cast an attack spell, one of my party member could have already died by the poison…
And it s even more logical, since you can’t kill any of them, if you don’t kill the 3 bosses, so it doesn’t make any sense to have only 2 of the 3 kills… (my name is Bobdole ingame, if you feel like correcting that IG :smiley: )

And for the second point, the poison, sometimes can only be decursed by multiple dispels, at some point, i chained dispelled 2 or 3 times with my mage spell, and a musketeer dispelled once, before the poison stopped affecting our tank…

Also, the poison seems to attack us randomly, after dying sometimes, we were cursed on the way to come back to the fight, which triggered combat mode by the way… i died a few time right at the entrance of the dungeon… we had to basically fight with only 3 people the whole fight, because some couldn’t come back…

It was bad. Real bad.


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We havent been able to kill the boss…
But you dont need it for the quest :wink: you just need the ghouls in the room before the boss-room and the book thats ontop of the table in the middle of it

Try reading the guide book again :yum:

i read it, and i m missing on of the three dweorg’s soldiers, aren’t they the small tanks that poison you ?

Edit i just checked, and i confirm, i m missing one these soldier, that i did kill :smiley:
Would appreciate not to have to do that all over again :smiley:

I only had to kill the ghouls and the one aurst after that I needed to go to old kingsport
Im a little confused right now

oh actually it sicilus bestiary V: and i need 3 dweorg’s soldiers, 1 dragon and 5 ghouls

Edit: and i got everything except for the third soldier… which was killed, because you have to kill the three at the same time…

that would explain why I just needed 3 Ghouls and the book

To you multiple dispell thing: could it be possible that there were more than one poison on the tank? so every single one of the golems put one on your tank but there wasn´t any number indicating that there was more than one? If there isn´t such a number implemented it wouldn´t be a bug :smirk:

Maybe one of the devs could answer this question/problem

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