Sights for musketeer

Just an idea, i think something to help aim as musketeer would be nice. Kinda like a holo sight which allows us to aim and determine if the gun is shooting straight and not angled to much down or up. Missed alot of orbs cuz im basically trying to guess where the barrel is pointing. Holo sight, unlike a red dot sight, allows you to straighten the barrel with the stock so you can tell if the gun is parellel with the target(hence the name holo, cuz there is two dots that you line up on the sight). I think this would be a great feature to make musketeer more enjoyable.


I’d like to see this implemented. I don’t need auto aim, but just a realistic system would be awesome


Agree Whole heartedly!


Agreed sights would help.

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Not only do I agree, but I’m sure the stranger who died infront of my eyes as my healing globe missed her hit box by a few pixels agrees as well!!!

Sorry stranger you will be missed but not forgotten :slight_smile:


I agree, some form of sights on the muskets would be incredibly useful for us musketeers.

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Do any of the higher level muskets have any sights what-so-ever? Or at least are they less bulky?

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pretty much this. i find i need to fire a few shots to get my eye in then i shove an orb in and my aim is off again.

for me it’s basically a case of the top of the gun isn’t parallel to the direction the shot moves in. so every shot is high since the barrel gets narrower as it moves forward


It is hard to aim at an enemy at a distance.


And i think the health and special bars need to move out of the way of your aiming too


I agree with that for the archers sometimes the charged shot and the trap cool down icons get in the way

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I can see some issues with doing this.

  1. Using a sight makes it harder to use orbs.
  2. It means you bring the gun to your eye level, which also can interfere with your HMD sensors and the HMD can get in the way
  3. All models have to be redone, and then also make sense as the sight needs to actually align the gun (in real life this would require adjustments for distance), but in the game it would basically mean the bullet shoots where the sight points no matter what. This is probably a good amount of work, especially as it requires custom assets to be created for their small team
  4. Some people might even say it takes some skill away from Musketeers while making Archer mechanically even harder in comparison
  5. And as G_R mentioned, the bars need to move because you no longer have the UX elements in sight and that is super important
  6. It also interferes with rotating the gun to better grip the orbs that are already making you play a minigame to insert the right orbs with the best rotation and speed
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I don’t personally think we need sights or scopes and if added I’d like a way to remove or hide them. Aiming with the gun is something you get better at over time. Every time you shoot it will shoot in a straight line with no bullet drop. Over time I’ve gotten used to firing the musket all types of ways. From a traditional firing position, from the hip, and even from strange angles. All without the need for sights. I’ve also become a lot better at hitting targets far away and moving targets. I’m looking forward to the musketeer tournament as I imagine distant and moving target shooting will be part of the competition.

Practice firing at things as much as you can. You WILL get better with time. Don’t be discouraged. Missing isn’t the end, with your battle awareness you can switch your turret or load another orb quickly which can bring some thrilling fun.


This is direct from the game’s current top musketeer. Heed the words of this wise one, and give it a shot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Holosight, not scope, lol.

True. There is still the problem of orbs getting in the way of the 1x sight potentially.

I think a better solution for long distance aiming is making it so orbs don’t get used up if they hit nothing while out of combat (edited to be more clear). This way you don’t lose anything but time when firing at long distance targets with an orb, and it makes that a skill shot in a way that’s not necessary but still beneficial.

This is a concept that I would like to see archers get as well with powershot so they don’t have to wait for the cooldown when trying to do long range openers. They are already penalized with having to do a long draw and this would just streamline that mechanic of archery.

It is a gun not a bow, a holosight not only adds an easier way to aim after loading orbs for the only healer in the game, it would also add to the immersion of shooting. Not saying low lvl guns should have a holosight, but on high level guns it would be nice. Sure you can practice and miss less often, but that does not mean it wouldnt be a great addition for those who do want it.


That completely takes away from the point of gaining skill in the class. Why would anyone want something like that implemented?


Orbs cant miss they cause splash damage on ground impact. The only thing that needs improvement with orbs is the hit detection. So sick of allies dying when a shield passed right through them


I also don’t think people understand how sights and scopes work. They sit ontop of the gun. They are only calibrated to hit a target at a certain distance due to the optics. The gun shoots straight out the center of the big oversized barrel. The sight can’t be straight on top or they would always shoot under what they are aiming at.

We get in a sticky situation in which because the gun is so big and the top is higher than the center of the barrel that we have to choose. Do we make the gun shoot straight? Do we make it shoot up at an angle? Do we calibrate the sight for short, medium or long range?

I think the ideas of sights and scopes are nice but they are not needed and specially the way the muskets are set up currently.

I’m not the developer though. If it’s workable I’m sure they will make it happen. I just want people to understand that there are physical and optical complications that come with firearms.