Since Reborn, I no longer:

All I can say is this:

That’s all she wrote! lol


Two people today told me they would rebuy the Old game and that was just them talking I didn’t bring that up. I do like the level 30 mage spells in reborn and that quest users can play with us.

I would pay double or triple for OG!!!

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There they go~!! They will delete this, watch! (they stopped typing temporarily)

Mathieu already closed the last forum thread, why make another? All it’s going to do is start a fire that’s unnecessary

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The truth hurts!

For me its the level scaling

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Stop spaming lara


no spam here, just truth, how much you getting paid?

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Lara, multiple people have asked you to stop
This isn’t going to get any better for anyone, especially you


This is just spamming to continue another thread with the same posting that got the last one derailed, and the last ones before that and is against the forum guidelines.