Since the introduction of Level Scaling, I no longer:

This might sound negative, but it is the results of the level scaling:
I no longer:
Help new users - because they aren’t serious about orbus, they don’t stick around
Dungeons - new users waste our time so I just quit if i see any less 2 level 30 since they just quit and to all kinds of stuff to ruin the dungeon queue
Overworld: There is no point in helping since the rewards aren’t worth it.
Events: I let them die so that the event becomes easier and ends faster and again, there is no reward in helping new users since they don’t like reborn and don’t stay.

So, what a crappy environment to continuously play in and since the DLC, the dev’s once again went quiet and the game becomes once again in Limbo…

The old Orbus was magical and that’s what players are looking for in a game!

I know I will get for and against this post, but ultimately, to put smiles on everyone, both games should be a reality, as one, together! (horray to Old Orbus!)

One last thing to note, I see less than 1% of user who actually stay with orbus, so I think that speaks for it’self!

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you’re an absolute a**hat if you do this

same here, a**hat

you keep saying players don’t stick around, but I’m pretty sure more people stick around now than in old orbus. before corona the player activity was about the same as old orbus, but there were way more people having done max level shards and shards in general than there was in old orbus, although low level shards can be argued to be easier in reborn, level 15 shards are definitely as hard or harder than level 10 shards were in old orbus.
This shows that, most probably, more of the daily players in reborn are max level and doing shards than the daily players in old orbus were.


Of course we are, but the dev’s created that!

And again, the dev’s created that!!

Facts are facts! Only old players can clearly see that new players aren’t sticking around. Perhaps some of us are blinder that others!

I am not talking about shards here, the level scaling should only apply to regular dungeons so that us, more experienced players can train the new ones!

New players need practice and I am not going to save anyone anymore! Level scaling actually takes that practice out if we help them!

They leave dungeon queues, and other strange things, like dragging me into UN-wanted combat at events before they start as I am doing other things. Then they file user reports against you when you tell them you are not wanting to take par in their leveling!..ENOUGH is enough!

most weren’t in old orbus either, only about 50% of the people who bought the old game got past the tutorial.


Exactly! so we know better than them what was good and what wasn’t…
Nonetheless though, if we merge both Orbus together, it solves that problem!

That sounds a lot more like you have issues than an issue with level scaling, I do 1 dungeon queue per day with who ever is in there, I will queue as all 3 roles and if the people are new and don’t know how to play, I talk them though it, leaving the group just makes you look like a dick and ruins the game for the other people, level scaling actually makes random dungeons easier as the lower levels can contribute something rather than being carried through it like how it used to be

The main difference level scaling has made to my gameplay is that I no longer kill every mob I see while farming resources in the overworld, I will just run until they leash because I can’t 1 shot them I just try to kill 1 per minute instead so I can fail at getting an overworld legendary which seem to never ever drop for me (Thanks Riley)


Sorry, you can’t try to make that personal like that after i’ve played for over 2 years. :slight_smile:
I do dungeon queues all the time and it’s truly a frustrating adventure between players who outright quit the dungeon from the start to players that can’t finish the dungeon because the lack of skill.
I love helping players who lack skill. But I shall not cater to players to come to expect it! And level scaling gives the players a sense of entitlement!

Scaling has it’s place but as I stated before, training is the place. Old Orbus had it right, it’s just that the tweaking went too far!

If you don’t believe me, let’s do some math. How many players have joined Orbus since the beginning, and how many are still around today? We are the less than 1% sir!

This means that Orbus can be way more magical and better!

You sound pretty entitled “after i’ve played for over 2 years” so lemme get that right, that makes it okay for you to queue for a dungeon and leave because you don’t have 2 other level 30’s to carry you though? Okay, that’s level scaling’s fault, I see, that makes sense

Hollllld up…

This is something you are doing and now you’re complaining about it? Which is it? You seem to be one of the people causing this problem, see the issue here yet?

How is you pulling some random number out of your ass “doing math” ?


For me the only time I leave dungeons is when say a musketeer qued for tank and is lv 4.
Players leave first and it is not going to get done because of lack of mechanics or the like.
I am never the first to leave though.

Nope, It’s not entitlement on my part but theirs.
I Join the queue to have fun and help others, but the level scaling makes it obvious that below 2 level 30’s, it’s not going to happen so might as well just leave right from the start.

Not sure what you are talking about here…

How is that number out of my ass? You have been around as long, if not longer that me, this fact cannot be denied! Other honest players can also vouch for the numbers.
How many total Orbus players exist so far? Lets’ start there?

you can complete a dungeon perfectly fine with no level 30s

What are you talking about?

Exactly my point! no point in even trying a dungeon with only me as the only level 30 in there, as well as people who are not serious about the game and aren’t likely to be part of less than 1 % who actually stay to complete the game!

You have nothing to support your statements so I’m going to use the same logic here.

I see 78% of new players sticking around.

I can solo dungeons. If you can’t even pull your weight in a dungeon after two and a half years, you might want to pick up some learning. Especially since scaling means the new players DO help and contribute.

The over world is amazing and better than oldbus. I’m going to use the same amount of evidence to support me as you did: none. Deal with it. New game is better.

Devs have been very responsive. Just because you don’t want to see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


Can you support this claim?
Perhaps the dev’s can shed in some light. After all, when you’ve been around as long as I have, it’ s common sense to what i’ve seen literally every single day in two years! I have 25 hundred hours in game!

Invididual skills aren’t what I am wanting to bring up here so congrats to your own skills.

Old orbus brought so mugh more, so hence a merge is the best way to go!

You don’t have to agree, but tons of posts opened up here do!

I only leave if they’re 1. being toxic and mean, 2. queued as wrong role (only sometimes I typically fill), or 3. when they are trying to take control of the whole group in an intimidating manner or saying how much better they are because they’ve done x level shard or have x gear.

I supported my claim with the same amount of evidence you did. If you want to make claims with nothing to support you, I’ll do the same.

And I support mine! Good luck!
At least I asked the dev’s for real stats, Since I am so confident! :slight_smile:

Did you know that I am part of a Discord group that are re-creaging old Highsteppe!? hahahaha You naive people!

And that is being recreated in vrchat from what I know of. It will not be the same as old orbus but really from what I understand to bring up nostalgia from old game which is good as long as its just that.

Exactly, so if we can’t get our fix, we shall go elsewhere as the 99% did!