Small bugs I've found

The sign says Personal Buble instead of Bubble.

I noticed a considerable amount of floating grass just outside Tinny’s Cave.

When Tiny wanted me to brew her potion I teleported back to my house. I deposited everything I could into my various chests but nothing showed on tables. I relogged and everything was back in my inventory instead of in the chests where I put them. I was however able to put them into the chest and have them appear on my next attempt.

I was travelling the woods near the apple orchard when all npcs and hostiles disappeared. When I hit return to graveyard, it spawned me at a graveyard far from where I was. Later I was killing wolves in the same area when the same exact problem occurred. I noticed some sort of invisible wall that was blocking my spells. When I walked through that wall, all NPCs and hostiles disappeared. This time it would not let me return to graveyard. I closed the app and sent a report.

Okay, thanks for letting us know. It sounds like maybe you are having some issues with zone transitions not working. Were you in a party when you were doing all that?

I was not in a group.

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