Smithe's Basic Warrior Training


Hi, my name is Smithe and I have been playing the Warrior in OrbusVR for around 200 hours. Still, one of my favorite things to do is to teach new warriors the basics of the class. In this video tutorial series I will walk you through everything you will need to know to level a warrior from 1-20 and be prepared to begin tanking end game dungeons. If you have any questions, please let me know!

How to play a warrior(full video start):

How to charge as a warrior:

How a shield blocks your own attacks:

How to shield charge:

How to shield bash:

How to shield charge and bash:

Basics of Warrior combos:

How to get aggro from a group and an individual:

Basic warrior attack chain:

Thank you and hopefully you found this useful! If you have any other questions or just want to hang with some cool people who love Orbus and VR in general, then head on over to for an instant invite to the Union of Ham community discord server. Till next time!

Open Question to the Community about the wilds

Oh man, perfect! :slight_smile:
Thats what I was looking for in the other thread :pensive:


Glad you found it useful. Let me know if there are any questions. I will put together a more formal training video soon.


Actually I would need an MMORPG training overall :smiley: I don’t get some definitions and short cuts :pensive:
You could relate it to the warrior and elaborate more on the role of a warrior in a group…
For example I don’t know what’s meant by “kiting a mob” and how to do that as a warrior :worried:


Hi there!

One question please:
Is there any way to get out of a fight when I notice I can’t win it?
I tried to flee several times now… but it seems impossible to me
…I know, for honors sake I should not anyway but :smiley:


Constant teleporting while keeping your shield towards the enemy and then when you get shield bash up wait for it to approach, clonk was he enemy with it and then proceed to run some more. Rinse repeat til escape. If you have two enemies who deal big damage do the same thing minus the shield bash and pray you make it far enough away


Like @Lago said, just keep teleporting away and hold your shield up behind you. I will create a video of this. There is a little trick to it. The main thing is to not wait for the full teleport range. Wait till its half range and then port.


Man, literally to high quality to watch. Sigh.


Not sure I understand what this means.


Probably that your videos are only watchable on 720p 60fps quality. So people with bad internet won’t be able to watch the video because their internet download speed is not high enough.


Oh that’s such a bummer. I am working on a new set of training videos that I plan to have up before the next big Warrior patch. I will record those and upload them to YouTube so people can watch in any res.


What he said, sorry for the slow reply, ended up just downloading the whole video over night. Nice tips, was quite helpful!


Great! Can’t wait for that :slight_smile:
Hope you also got some tips for leveling up!
Atm I’m mid lvl 6 and the quests till now felt almost too easy but now for the wenderwood quests I feel suddenly too weak :-/


What color are the enemies you are fighting? Let me know if you want to do some in game training. I can watch what you are doing an give pointers.


Yellow but its not the color only but the type of mob…I have no problems against a yellow bandit i.e. but anything that has a moving motion in their attacks like swine or wyrm (and I guess much more of this type is coming) I struggle to hit wound…
Btw regarding your other post…I saw your videos on twitch and I always open with charge - stun…then wound (which first part I already almost miss every time on these mobs, like the left or the up swing is not registered correctly) - then block - first part of wound (miss :frowning: ) - block - - dead (me)

You said in another post that “it was easy to find the hit box on that mob” …well I don´t even search it and always try the same…


Sword rush often brings you a bit too close to mobs like wyverns, stag, boar, tiger (enemies with 2 tile/ long hitboxes) so you have to back up first


This is valuable advice.


Hit me up in game and we can test it out together.

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