Smithing for gear


I’d like to be able to developer smithing as a skill and craft my own weapon from materials collected around the realm. Smithing could have different levels of skill and as they got better you could add more durability, rating, stats, buffs, de buffs to cloths, weapons, and items. Let’s make Orbus VR GREAT AGAIN!

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Actually, I remember hearing about new professions that’d be coming that involved some sort of crafting. I wonder what ever happened to that? If any devs see this, some insight would be nice. Also, I totally agree that it’d be super neat to have craftable gear, and more gear in general. There simply isn’t enough variation in the current gear.

Edit: I used wayback machine to go back on the main site, but this is unfortunately all I could find on it (I remember there being more information given on it at some point, where it referred to new crafting stations)

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Keeping Orbus Great


ores in caves craft tilesets and harvestables thats not rocks are made into potions pretty sure thats what they’re talking about there.


That’s always been in Orbus though. They mentioned NEW crafting. I don’t see any new crafting.

Edit: In preborn, you found ore randomly in the overworld, and there weren’t many caves at all (and I don’t think any of them had gatherables in them). That’s what they’re mentioning with the revamped gathering.


Found it:
I quote:

Of course in addition to all of that, we’re bringing totally new things to the game as well. Four new Battle Disciplines and a new Crafting Discipline.

There is the link there which would have taken you here:

The page no longer exists so that is where you find it

The tinkerer Discipline was mentioned here but not replied to by a dev and it was the start of 2019: Information on the upcoming Tinkerer crafting discipline?

Their wording seems to be they intended to add a new one but did not either have the time to do it or it will come in a later patch.

Still weird though how the devs said that a new crafting discipline would be added for reborn but even after 3 months since its release we have heard nothing.

EDIT: Found another post where a dev mentions a tinkerer discipline: Item Creation - Weapons and Armour

EDIT 2: It seems that the tinkerer will come out in content patch 1 with the second raid and scaling changes on shards. Though I feel like it is weird that we have not heard a single thing since it was announced.

Though more on topic changing the amount of durability on an item is pointless: repair is always <200 dram and you don’t take durability damage in dungeons/raids.

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Thank you for finding all of this. Very cool stuff!

Edit: On top of the tinkerer, all of the other stuff looks really fun and interesting too. New dungeons? Now I’m excited for that. Wonder when it’ll be.