Smooth Locomotion stuck for a moment after combat

I’ve been having an issue every now and then where my smooth locomotion is getting stuck after finishing combat. Holding any direction on the trackpad doesn’t cause me to move, and I need to do a teleport for it to start working again. The teleport doesn’t have to be far away, I can teleport pretty much exactly where I’m standing and that still fixes it.

It doesn’t happen every time I get into combat, maybe once every 4 or 5 times? I play a warrior and almost always charge at an enemy to begin the fight.

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Also, you can’t use smooth loco after charging an enemy (and you really need to because you’ll be on top of the target hit box and you really need to back up a step [or you can’t do combos because no matter what, your weapon strikes the target however you try to position it for left, up, left right]).

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