So far encountered issues in raid beta


We did down first boss in the raid and tried some attempts on another one,
in doing so we encountered 2 random events :

  • killing or attempting to kill a boss spawns a random message of killing a party member for honor.
    -----Loot : killed (playername) for 18 honor points ( it does not seem the honor points are actually added)

-the shards that drop are removed from my inventory once I left the raid. ( so far I dont know wether thats intentional considiring we are talking beta)

anything that we encounter we will submit in hope the release on the actual raid will go smooth :slight_smile:

Friendly Regards,



During the Beta nothing that you do in the Raid (e.g. drinking potions from your inventory, or picking up loot) is saved. Since it’s just a test right now. Let us know how it goes and good luck!


Alright good to know :slight_smile: hope it was usefull info about the honor point thingy. We are continueing our attempt in a bit. will let you know if we encounter more anomalys