So the wilds are annoying

i just farmed for 3 hours in the greater desert and we had no purple drops at all, could you possible increase the drop rate of purples a little or maybe make a scaling drop rate that over time increases until we get another a drop. Its hard enough to get best in slot when you have a random chance to get a number stat and you have two stats. But also on the weapon drop there is about 8 different effects to choose from. Just asking for a little more reward to the boring figure 8 grind in the desert.


How many Aberrations (the big elites) did you kill in that 3 hours? And were you getting equipment/weapons to drop just not Epics?

We did probably 10 sweeps so if i was to guess maybe 70 to 110 but that isnt accurate i just guessed that 11 spawn in the area. I can start counting if you want. We cleared the lomanova wilds after that and gave up. But it felt very unfulfilling.

What about this part?

And ive been farming the wilds for 4 days straight probably 2 - 4 hour sessions and i have 3 pieces of gear and my group members have 2 or 3 also.

Yes we got probably 10 blues and greens but no purples

But no one’s looking for that, we might as well get more eye worms.

So looking at the logs, in last night’s 2.5 hour grind session, it looks like you personally got 13 equipment drops. None of them ending up rolling epic which is just bad luck, but it looks like the system is working as intended (and as you said, you have gotten Epic drops before).

So since it’s not bugged, then I guess this is basically a discussion about “how much grinding should it take to get fully-equipped Epic-level loot?”

Part of the problem with that discussion right now is that a big piece of the loot grind is totally missing from the equation, and that’s dungeons. The overall picture basically looks like this:

Wilds Farming – Intended for getting valuable resources for the economy/potions/fish/etc. Dangerous due to threat of PvP. Can also farm Aberrations to quickly get a full set of Level 20 Rare gear, can also get some Epics here but not the best place to get them.

World Bosses – Intended as a fun server-wide activity and a sort of “easy-mode” Raid experience. Has special loot such as capes and rings. Also drops some Epic-level loot, but again not the best place for that.

Dungeons – Intended as the primary method of progressing PvE equipment. Harder than Wilds Farming and World Bosses since we can tune it specifically for a set number of participants/party composition, you can’t just bring more people to do it more easily. Highest chance of getting Epics for your group.

So basically it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it takes 50+ hours of grinding in the Wilds to get a full Epic Level 20 gear set, as that’s not their primary purpose. Similarly, I know a lot of Fellowships have taken up farming World Bosses right now to get gear, but there are complaints about loot distribution not evening out and things like that.

My advice on this is that if you’re enjoying the grind, feel free to keep trying to get a full Epic-level set right now with what’s available. But as I’ve already said, the loot in the dungeons when they come out in a few weeks will a) be slightly better stat-wise, and b) be more likely to get you an Epic-level set more quickly. So if you’re just slogging through the grind and not having fun at it, you might as well just wait until the dungeons are available, rather than burning yourself out right now and then having to do it all over again. A Level 20 “Rare” set of gear will be sufficient to start running the end-game dungeons, you don’t need an Epic level set to do those.

After the end-game dungeons come out in Content Patch One, in Content Patch Two we’ll introduce the shard dungeons, which are the “hard mode” dungeons and give you your first shot at getting Legendary drops.


you won’t get everything you want

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All I am suggesting if you put in work you should get a pay off and when that doesn’t happen there is a staleness that can fill the air. I would just recommend instead of a flat this is the drop rate, every time you enter an area, and a mob dies +.1 chance of drop rate. Its all up to you and I know you don’t want to over saturate the high level gear but even if you get an epic there is no say you don’t already have it and if you get the weapon you might want a different effect. Also when new stuff comes out that might be well and good but the zone still needs to be somewhat useful for people to consider it otherwise we just have spam grind dungeon which will end up stale as well.

As far as I understand, that is where the Wilds is for @Bazooka. Not armour farming. The mobs only prevent you from easy valuable resource farming. So it isn’t an useless area.


Amazing reply. Thanks for the information and taking the time!


From my opinion and from farming abberations a lot over the last few weeks, it feels a little unfulfilling grinding them.

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3 Hours isnt much. I wouldnt expect best loot dropping in fast. Take your time and be happy about it, else your game is over soon. Im not max lvl yet (14) and i hope the gear grind will keep me playing a long time after hitting max.

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from my point of view, the Jedi are evil!

sorry, it’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your reply.

Aberrations are for gaining rare level 20 gear (+100 vitality being the best). The Tradua Mines endgame dungeon will be the fastest/most efficient drop rate for epics and you don’t need epics to complete it. TM will have better stats than current epics anyway.

The Elongata worldboss doesn’t require epics to beat. The Sanyael worldboss does require epics, though it’s designed to be a much more challenging boss.

TL;DR Don’t waste time grinding epics if 1. You just want them ‘because’ or 2. You don’t plan on attempting Sanyael before Jan 29 (Tradua mines release date)

I personal don’t want anything to be made easier. One you get Epic gear your game is basically done right now. So it should be hard.


There are world bosses which I would assume is the end game. Also just because you get a drop doesnt mean the stats will be high or the weapon procs will be important or at least the ones you desire. So it doesnt mean you will get what you want it just means you will get a chance to get what you want as apposed to the repetition of desert figure 8s.

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Some ideas for loot changes: A pity timer for people not getting drops for example. Mind you this is for the epic drop and its still RNG on the rolls. So you get more consistent drops but you don’t necessarily get what you want automatically…its still a grind, intended or not.

World Bosses should probably be token base instead of the current system. This way you aren’t SOL if you run a boss 100 times and get say, all capes (extreme example). There would still be that guaranteed drop for 1 person but everyone else gets tokens. Its more consistent and everyone participating gets some credit or effort.

With that kind of system you can easily tune it to be more evenly distributed based on contribution. You could have more tokens drop for the first three highest groups, or proportionally tune the cost of trade-ins too so large zerg raids for world bosses aren’t getting more loot per kill (enough to matter anyways).

I personal don’t want anything to be made easier. One you get Epic gear your game is basically done right now. So it should be hard.

The game has enough content for people to grind on for at least 200-300 hours. If you’re rushing to get epic gear and consider the game to be over, that’s sorta your own fault for pushing it that fast. I can guarentee you that most of the player base would rather not have the “grind” be the “challenge”.

I have considered doing a token based system but I’m not totally sure how I feel about it yet. It’s certainly one option though.

Honestly I think that might be most of what the concern really is in this thread…right now every roll is an independent event so it can lead to a situation where you grind for 3 hours and get nothing, but then the next time you play you might get two drops in a row. Having a system that takes into account your “bad luck” and smooths out the RNG curve might solve the underlying problem. I’ll certainly think on it.