Some new player questions

Relatively new player here with some questions!

1.) Those 25 things you get to reset your quests - Do those reset, or are they some form of premium currency?

2.) I noticed that different classes get different armor types, but each class can wear each armor type (Cloth, Leather) - Is there a difference between them, and any penalty for using the wrong armor type?

3.) How do you get rings?

4.) Is the ability to rock back and forth to slowly “walk” over gaps going to be fixed?

5.) Is switching Bard songs seriously broken, or is there a limit on when it can be done? I’ve found that the most reliable way to switch them out is to quit the game and relog which I’m sure isn’t intended.

6.) More for the Forum Mods / Site Admins - Can you set up a rule to upgrade Avatar Icons to https? Something like is causing the https lock to show “Not Secure”

7.) How do people cast Fireballs (B) so fast? Is there some way to half draw the symbol? People are shooting 3+ per second before level 10, and there’s no way you can draw an entire B that fast!

All for now! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there, welcome to Orbus!

1: You get 5 per day to spend. You don’t need to log on to get them, they just automatically get credited to you everyday. You get a max of 25 to hold, so feel free to spend them!

2: If you don’t wear the right armor type, you won’t be wearing armor at all. You can equip it, but it won’t show that you’re wearing armor, and you won’t get any of the benefits.

3: Working on a video for that currently :slight_smile: There’s certain groups of mobs that drop them. The most well known are Enraged World Bosses, and a group in Highsteppe, although they’re level 23(?), so it may be worth waiting to try and fight them.

4: I believe you’re referring to what’s commonly called skywalking. I don’t think it’s something that’s going to be fixed, but all the better because there are some funny things you can cause with it!

5: To switch, use both instruments to tap an instrument that’s active and that’ll turn it off.

6: That’s above my paygrade :smiley:

7: There are mages who can indeed cast that fast with the B (@Richleth), but yes, there are shortcuts that can make casting easier/quicker. A quick search on Youtube will show several videos discussing it. The three I recommend are Delceri’s explanation of D method (, Bucky’s Pretzel method ( and some jerk named Mishka (

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1 - Much appreciated! I was saving them :stuck_out_tongue: Guess I’ll spend them more freely :smiley:

2 - Yikes o_O Weird that it allows you to equip it at all. That helps a tonne!

3 - Aaah - Guess it’s a bit above my level range - Thanks :slight_smile:

4 - Oh - Heh. Weird mechanic - Not sure how it was treated amongst people.

5 - This is a little more complex. If you’re in the wilderness, kill a creature, go out of combat, open your inventory, and switch out a single instrument, you won’t be able to activate the third instrument, although the notes coming down will still be all 3 colors. You are also frequently unable to switch out active instruments (Say - If you prefer a certain order) with selecting them simply doing nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s currently bugged. I get the gist of how it’s meant to work - It just… Doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

6 - Understandable :slight_smile:

7 - … Holy cow! That’s insane! I REALLY need to look into that! Weird that the game shows you the B method instead of the D method - I guess the more arcane arts are hidden to the less experienced ;p

Much appreciated with all the responses!

I’m curious about the Bard bug. Can you get video to show what you mean? I’ve compiled WAY too much info about Bard to try and get it buffed, along with bugs in the class (instruments of protection and defense don’t work, upbeat talent doesn’t work), and having a list of all the bugs in one place would be awesome!

Regarding B vs D method, the proper rune, and what the game looks for, is a B. The D is essentially us just abusing the casting system by tricking it lol

Is this the bug you’re talking about? I think I’ve reported it at some point (otherwise, I wouldn’t have put a video on YouTube!), but can’t remember. You shouldn’t have to log out entirely. Switching zones or classes usually fixes it for me. Sorry, the two videos come out to about 10 minutes, but show in detail how to break bard :upside_down_face: