Some quest items did not disappear from inventory

My tent pegs never disappeared from my inventory after handing in the quest. There doesn’t seem to be any way to delete them. I’m logged off right now, so no idea if logging fixed it or not. I’ll jump back on a little later to check.
Just thought you’d want to know.

okay thanks for the heads up, Ill double check that.

my tent pegs DID disappear, however the rope stayed behind lol

ha okay ya we will make them destroyable with the next patch so you can clean up your inventory.

I just finished every quest in game (except the 2 hunter’s and sicilus’ aberration quests) and i still have:

  • 2 tent pegs
  • Diluvian puzzle box

I think you should be able to delete the tent pegs. I’m pretty sure the quest was updated to only require one peg since beta, which is why you have two left over.

The puzzle box will be used in later questing and should not be destroyable

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