Something to pull with as a warrior

Right now our only option as a warrior is to proximity pull stuff, or get someone else to pull from a range. There are 2 problems with this 1) you may end up pulling other things, and it takes too much time inching your way forward. 2) you then have to work really hard to get agro on yourself. My suggestion is to give warriors a slingshot or a dagger of some kind that can be used as a projectile, once used can be quickly put away. this makes pulling mobs easier for us.

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I like the idea of throwing your sword into an enemy with a chain on the end so you can pull the target to you. Good for pulls and taking a tough guy off an ally. They aren’t done with the classes yet (we get a threat meter next test) so I hope we get some type of range


Maybe a javelin or some variant, have it strapped to your side. Just have to throw then follow up with Sword Rush.

I like the idea of having a throwing axe or javelin of some kind.

A stone … just a pebble for the fighter who throws him on an opponent and thus draws attention. That then has more RPG like


I like yours and @Logan’s suggestion for ranged, I think the difference the devs have to decide on is whether they want it to deal damage or if they want it to just raise threat level in order to pull mobs. I don’t think it should be a javelin, throwing axe, or something similar because then it becomes a question of how much damage it should do and how often you should be able to do it. Too much damage or too often and you’ll just make a jack of all trades class that cuts into other classes’ niches.

I guess they can choose anything and just decided whether it deals any damage or not but I think having a javelin that doesn’t do damage would be weird.

The issue with thrown items is that they never go quite where you want. There used to be a sword throw teleport/ threat gen ability (they turned it into sword rush and the war horn). It was inaccurate and just not good. The devs also want to avoid auto targeting but the sword rush works great. I think having an “aim at target to highlight then pull the enemy to you” would be great as a group pull and helping pull off allies. Essentially a reverse sword rush. Might be overpowered but cool compared to a poorly calibrated rock throw (though a rock toss sounds very natural and realisticish”

what do you guys think about gap closing or movement abilities? i feel like some ranged classes need them as well

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Hmm, this may be tricky to message, but what if your Sword Charge changes up based on what shield you have equipped?

So if you are in DPS mode with the small shield, you charge in like you do now, but if you are in tank mode with the big shield, you throw something at them (your sword, your shield, a pebble, magic, whatever) that comes right back to you, and have it use the same mechanic in terms of targeting (yellow outline) and controller buttons as the charge, so you can very reliably target in both cases?

That makes traversing the field to rush to teammates really hard if you lose the sword rush. I don’t think a range attack would gain enough threat to pull a mob off an ally

Hmm, good point. This is almost definitely overcomplicating it, but what it it does a small range pull if the mob isn’t aggro’d and charges it if it is aggro on someone?

There’s aggro on someone the second combat starts so a pull would only be viable before combat and if you accidentally proximity pull you’ll rush without noticing

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