Somewhat small warrior talent "idea"

The level 30 talent, “counter attack” is kind of lame for a final talent.
I would say to replace it with “deal more damage when the sword is angled (almost) perfectly”
I know it’s dumb, but at least it’s not boring.

That’s not dumb, mage rewards you the better you can draw runes.

However, I’d say that your idea shouldn’t be a talent - it should be a mechanic of the worrior, and the talent may let you switch it to raise aggro retention the better you can swing at the directions. That would allow non-spamming and promote controlled swings

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having it as a talent would encourage players to actually use the sword “properly” by rewarding them with extra damage if they do (assuming they pick it), whereas having it as a base mechanic would force players to do so by punishing them with less damage if they don’t.

and also I just want counter attack to be replaced by something actually fun.

(I very much understand that damage is not the goal as a warrior, but the right side is meant to increase damage output)

Spamming will always prove superior over calculated swings x3

You see mages that care less about that perfect casting and more on that spells/second.

But yes, I understand what you are looking for. A bit more involvement to add a little more to the worrior.

damage is not something that is even worth thinking of as warrior, a talent that increases damage with more precise swings would be completely useless while counter attack actually is useful.

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Counter attack is used by the vast majority of end game warriors I play with. You may not like it yourself, but most of the tanks I play with like it.

Just to be clear you’re saying like the warrior would use edges of the sword rather than slapping with flat side? So like a hyper realistic sword use? I’d like that

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I don’t use warrior though

Ohhh sshhhhooootttt, I didn’t realize you meant that! That’s awesome.

You’ve stumbled upon something interesting, I’d love to see that idea in play!!