Special Titles for "community helpers"

Hey Ya’ll, Alarmclock here. I would like to suggest special titles that we can apply for. For those of us that want help out the “sprouts, green leafs, new people” to the game. Just a title that they can recognize that if they need help they can come up to us and ask us questions in-game.

I only suggest this because when I sit there in game, I hear people not knowing what to do, they also sometimes only think “Darius” is the only missions giver, or they have trouble figuring out how to play there class and not many go on youtube or forums to figure it out.

If we can build a stronger community and keep them interested in the game “Overall” it benefits us all.


you don’t need a title for that you just go up and ask them if there is anything they need help with

Sorry I think I emailed you my reply. True we don’t, and I do ask them if they do need help. I’ve noticed a lot shy away from people unless they are closer their level. I think it has to do with them either have been trolled or think we wouldn’t help them. The idea comes from like ffxiv “mentor” status next to they name tags. Giving the new players a visual of who they can ask without the fear of being trolled or ignored.

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I think a title does have merit but who would monitor such a system if you had to apply for the ‘helper’ title? Who decides if a ‘helper’ has abused the position and should be stripped of the title?

I think they answered it a little in the Dev Questionaire thing.

I actually kind of like this idea. It would also give end gamers another thing to strive towards…getting accepted after applying, that is. It would be so nice to have designated helping hands, so we don’t feel bored just sitting around either. And I agree, loads of new players are very shy towards lvl 30 players, and won’t always accept help from you.


I personally think having a title for helpers would make it easier for new players to be more comfortable walking up to someone and ask for help. I myself see people struggling to understand their class, but (at least for me) when I ask if they want help they seem to always just shy away. It’s probably because in most games high level players are rude to new players combined with the fact that most people playing vr in general are mostly anti social and are embarrassed to ask for help from a total stranger. But I can mostly get around the shy players using an alternate account. I think armor might also contribute to new players being shy around us with our big hats, fancy colors, and spikes, I have tried taking off all my armor/dyes at least 3 or 4 times and people seemed to be less afraid of asking questions. But so far using an alt seems to be the more effective method.


I have always helped new players as I was helped by a level 30 when I started out. I give them dragons, help on missions etc. It is another fun aspect to the end game.

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