Spell System Recognition - Poly Vs . Others

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Just wondering if anyone else has a low spell success rate with polymorph. The rune itself is so simple but the system hardly ever recognizes the cast . My question is why is a spell like this ( that obviously has considerable utility ) so poorly recognized by the system yet a spell like stage 1 resurrect or mana shield can be completely butchered yet still recognized . also apparently for stage 1 resurrect the system is recognizing a F with a horizontal long line as stage one Rez . Not sure if this is intended .

Ps I find I have no issues with most spells except poly - it seems to be inconsistent .

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Try drawing a sideways hourglass that is twice as long as it is tall.

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I agree that is somewhat stricter than most spells but its I think it can still be cast easily with practice.

I have never been able to cast it as the rune shows… the hourglass/bowtie trick does it for me, even though it’s far from being a 100% cast ^^

Call me crazy . But why isn’t this updated then as the way to cast it . I love playing this game , but honestly , stuff like this is really frustrating … it’s been a pain to cast since beta , it’s a important utility spell , if it’s a sideways hourglass , make that the rune … it SHOULD be MORE reliable the way it is shown by the game devs as intended to be cast . Hourglass works better for me . But this from a dev standpoint is flawed and hinders the gaming experience / quality of play .

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Just here to confirm that if you cast the rune correctly it is perfectly reliable.

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If I cast it perfectly , it will go . But the accuracy requirement on this spell is substantially
Higher than others . Look at mana shield . You may be an exception, but most rune mages I run into playing all have problems with poly and they hate that rune . And if a sideways hourglass is a more accurate representation of the rune , it should be in the book that way .

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its because its made to be a more difficult spell, as it can be extremely useful in certain instances like dungeons, but not in regular combat. mana shield is made to be a very easy starter spell

level 3 spells are more reliable than poly . Anyways . It’s fine . The hourglass works for me . I still stick by the statement that it is ridiculous that he hourglass sideways longer than taller works better for recognition than its actual intended form in the book .

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