Spells skipping even after patch 2.11

My spells are still skipping after patch 2.11. See video below.

Okay, I think that’s actually a different issue (I know it doesn’t feel different, haha). I will keep looking into it. But hopefully at least the VFX getting stuck should be fully cleared up.

Also, can you send me a quick output log again on the new patch? Thanks

just sent the output log

Got it, great, thanks!

Just out of curiosity, do you notice it happening on Tier 2/3 spells as well? Or mostly just Tier 1?

definitely on tier 1 or 2, I’ll have to check on t3.

Yes, the t3 spells are skipping as well.

So there is a patch coming out later this morning where I did some things differently that may help with this but I’m not sure. I can’t reproduce this on my end which is making it hard to test. So lemme know if you see any difference after the new patch today.

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