Spiders, arachnophobia and VR

Hi all, I keep thinking about this topic on and off and thought i’d post it here to maybe spark some discussion.

I have a mild case of arachnophobia, I can handle being in the same room as a spider - providing it’s not too close. And if it’s a tiny spider, then I can tolerate it being even closer. But anything larger than a small coin has me feeling quite uneasy and bordering on freak-out mode.

Pretty common fear and one which i’m sure many will relate to.

Now the problem with having a fear of this nature is that - as a lover of RPG / Dungeon Crawler games. Every damn one of them has spiders in it!!! Can’t have a dungeon without spiders, and not just little ones - they have to be Big and Mean!

To be honest - I usually don’t have any issues with this (it’s quite fun to smash them out of my way). There have been maybe two games in my history of playing games (a long time) that have freaked me out with the whole spider thing, the ones that freaked me out did so because the animation and speed of the spiders was amazingly accurate and to me - very bloody scary!

So imagine my heart rate when I turned a corner in Orbus to see just a few feet away, under a tree and all around what looked to be the dungeon entrance - Spiders… Spiders the size of gad damn dogs!

Now seeing spiders in games is nothing new, as I said. But I don’t think I was really prepared for an encounter with them in VR. I’ll admit that my first reaction was to simply freeze.
I stood there simply looking at the buggers and deciding if attacking was a good idea or not.

I decided to test the waters and threw a fireball in the direction of the closest spider, aggro’d the lot and promptly noped the hell out of there, running frantically and not taking a second to look back as 3/4 of them scuttled after me.

Conclusion - Spiders in VR are slightly terrifying!

I think the slightly cartoonish feel of Orbus and the current animations are the only thing that made it possible for me to man-up and take these things on (only with a group mind).

So my thoughts - please keep them as they are, and please never make them super realistic in terms of graphics / animation. Because you’ll give us poor arachnophob’s a bloody heart attack!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I personally had to completely avoid that area in the last test, and will continue to, as I am extremely acracnaphobic. I don’t have any opinion on if anything should be done, as the game shouldn’t be catered to me (but would be very happy if they were changed, lol.)

Oh, cartoony VR can be pretty intense! For me, it’s not the spiders, it’s the Master Shadows. :man_with_turban:

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Shame Fluffuh

Glad to hear i’m not the only one that found them disturbing. But it’s sad you were unable to experience the dungeon content as a result (some great gear from that place, and the boss fights were quite impressive).

The nasty spids were mostly around the entrance, with a few scattered around the dungeon itself. I was expecting a giant spider and had I encountered one I think I prob would have just taken the headset off and called it a night - lol.

I don’t think i’d go there solo again - but for some reason having a group there really helped.

Frankly I didnt play a whole lot, I got to ~7 or something, I spent alot of time helping newbies learn to cast spells. I got to the forest area, I think it was the level 7 spiders, and nope’d the hell back to town after trying to fight one.

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They should make them as real as possible, it will help you get over your fear of spiders. Instead of calling it OrbusVR, should be called TherapyVR:)

I also have a mild case of arachnophobia and spiders are generally my least favorite enemies to fight in games. But they have so many interesting mechanics! So we had to include them haha.

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My philosophy on spiders: “Spiders are nature’s ninjas. If you see one, they have obviously failed at their mission and deserve destruction.” =D

As long as I can 1 shot them later on with a fireball or a meteor, ill be happy. (At least the lower level ones.)

I wish mine was a mild case, life would be much nicer.

You could add an option that add funny face to the mob so it’s not terrifying.

Honestly if I could mod them to change their appearance ala Skyrim that would be cool, but… MMO, lol. I’ll just have to deal with it.

Hah, this is exactly what I was thinking. Not that I have a fear of spiders, but I’ve heard of the mods that replace spiders with other stuff in skyrim. I wonder if something like replacing a file or two in the final game would be able to do this? Nothing server-side, but just changing spiders to some less-phobia-triggering model client side?

You guys are insane!

This however - I like. I’m thinking googly eyes… Yes…

You should take this opportunity to attempt to face your fears. You dont have to touch them, they wont crawl on you, but if you can train yourself in the safe enviorment of VR, then that might help you with your non-vr troubles :smiley:

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Ah man, spiders are in every game. I threw my headset off playing an escape room game because there was a spider in it. It was horrible and it was the normal size. Why do spiders exists :’(

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I hate spiders in real life but the Orbusvr spiders don’t even come close to triggering some kind of fear.

Tigers on the other hand…

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irrational fear of tigers on hills is defs a tell that someone plays orbus

Yeah, somebody needs to make a montage of them leaping at the viewer causing them to freak out.

We have witnessed many an unsuspecting victim being pounced

The first time was always the worst. oh look a tiger, I wonder what happens when I shoot it