[Spoilers] Quest Choice between two options. Anyone able to tell me what each option does?

So one of the quests has you choose between two options.

True Agent of Darkness I believe. You have to talk to the Dragon Scholar and it tells you that you can only choose one. Either you report Sicilus as a spy and sabotage them or you reveal that Darius(?) is suspicious of Sicilus, I believe. Does anyone know the differences between each choice?

I’m not at that part yet, but it sounds like either way it’ll be about the same results, I’d pick the second option though.

I reported sicilus as a spy, and it a. finished the mission and b. revealed that darius was suspicious if i remember correctly. I do not know for sure tho cause that was a while ago

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I chose to tell the scholar that Darius was suspicious and then told Darius the truth (another choice point). I still got 250 reputation points, and Darius offered me another quest, so go figure. (He wasn’t happy though.)