[SPOILERS] Runemage advanced spells help

I have noticed that there are higher leveled spells for fire and ice bolt. The ice bolt is lvl 1 “M”, lvl 2 “F” gesture, but lvl 3 gesture is abit more complicated and I have not been able to do it once which is a F with an extra line going through the middle. Then you have the fire bolt which is lvl 1 is an “h” gesture, lvl 2 is a “B” gesture but sharper and then there is lvl 3… A Sharp B with two circles, one on each side and a line connecting to both circle BEHIND the B… I have only able to do this one 2 times out of the 100 times. Now why I am pointing this out is because I have seen quite a few people able to do it very easily so I want to ask everyone to please share your secrets on how you make your spells and to upload a picture of how you make them or if you have a “shortcut” on the way you make them. In my opinion I feel that as long as you make the gesture it should work no matter what but thats not how it works.

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Can’t help with the level three spells, but wanted to note that the wiki on Frost Bolt 1 and 2 are mixed. Level 1 is the runic F, and level 2 is the M.

No frostbolt 2 is really the F. F does more damage than M, is a bit more compicated to draw and is traveling slower. They just decided that the F would be better as level 2 frostbolt I guess.

Really? Pretty sure I tested it on the target dummy and the M did more damage. Or maybe I’m remembering wrong. I’ll have to try it again tonight after work :slight_smile:
Tinny’s cave needs updating then I think, why give a beginner runemage a level 2 spell first.

M is now Level 1, F is Level 2. You’re right, we do need to update the rune in the cave.

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I’ve had some success with level 3 fireball. The two O’s should be slightly smaller and the arc connecting them should be discernibly 3-dimensional, but not a half-circle:

Level 3 Fireball

I’ve had no success at all with level 3 frostbolt and level 2 pushback.


Nice! I will try again… With your way. Plus may I ask how you do the lvl 2 push back?

Riley, I believe I may be doing the lvl 3 frost bolt wrong. Can you give an example how to do a successful lvl 3?

I haven’t been able to pull that one off. I have seen the rune though. It’s the normal pushback rune with a loop around it (like a hula hoop) at the center. The loop has flat sides along the front and back and only curves at the sides. You can find this one by continuing past the witch’s cave. You’re close when you start seeing fire bugs.

Can you make more of these? really helpful!

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This doesn’t really help, Can you attempt another.

Ok, So with some help I was able to do lvl 3 fire but the lvl 3 ice, lvl 2 push back and lvl 2 affliction is still very difficult.

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