Spread Arrow Rework

So, the spread arrow currently is pretty useless and nobody uses it. I have an idea that if it were to be changed to fire 3 arrows in succession in a straight line, it could prove useful for rapidity rangers. At the moment rapidity rangers blue bar decreases a fair amount whilst charging arrows and then takes a second to fill it back up. If you charged the “spread arrow” after being able to fire them the arrows would be able to build the bar back up. I think it’d be a pretty neat idea


100% behind this. Spread arrow is only useful in close combat. The Ranger is all about staying 15-30 meters away. Spread arrow is literally anti-Ranger.

Also, make it an auto interrupt?

But it could also be a normal arrow that splits on impact and hits up to 5 nearby enemy’s (homing)?

The ranger already has fire arrows as an AOE, so while that is an alright idea, it would then just be an alternative or less effective than that which wouldn’t really change anything anyway

Just making you able to angle it would make it more useful… Or allowing full damage at close range…

Well, there’s already a fair difference between rapidity and precision, so anything to bridge the gap would be appreciated

Given the spread arrows rapid cooldown I think each arrow should serve as an interrupt. Give up dps for 5 interrupts or give up 4 interrupts for dps.

I personally feel like it should act as just 3 rapid arrows. No more, no less. It’ll effectively be served as a “rapidity” arrow


I like your idea more. I would like it to count for at least 1 interrupt (or 3 if it has a slower cooldown) because of the lack of cooldowns.

So, I played precision for the first time tonight and I almost hit the same as my max dps as rapidity ranger. I’ve been playing rapidity for a year, yet tonight I was precision and also massively drunk.

Rapidity needs some help


Its due to a nerf in old game where people were hurting themselves on ranger and ranger was vastly op. They hard capped and nerfed rapidity and gave precision a huge buff. They under buffed precision however when reborn came due to shaman and mage just hitting high numbers. Shaman cause its easy and mage because its uncapped at least game wise.

A prime example of the devs changing something so players don’t hurt themselves and thus making a class less skillful and boring. Arrows per second was a real skill cap they just removed. Rapidity needs a lot of help so it can be truly viable.

What if spread became spreading push? Each arrow pushes the target back 5 meters, so if they’re close and you can hit all five, 25 meter push, if they’re far and you can only hit one, five meter push… And I like the idea of auto interrupt being added to it.

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