Spring event help

I have been everywhere and can’t seem to find the jar. Any clues?

I think that one was near the dock in Highsteppe that is close to the Portal Event.
It is the tree with the Skagtrolls just behind the dock…

Ahh!!! I didn’t think to go there. I was all over everywhere else including the Wastelands. Thanks. I will check there.

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Just a small hint also, all the shrines should be under/near trees with different color canopies

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Not all the shrines…

I think I found the shrine idol you are referring to inside of Hulthines Basin, and the nearest tree should be updated in todays patch to make it easier to find. If there was a different one you are referring to let me know, thanks.


A few of the statues needed for later in the quest dont appear near the different trees either. At least not of before the April 6th update. I havent been to every region yet since lol

Can I ask for help or advice on this. I am trying to find the jar and coin, however they are not where they supposed to be. For example, coin is supposed to be outside the city, left of the hill. Whilst the jar on the hill near the portal stone.

I think I have picked them up before I have the quest in my journal. When I was still doing the kill the raven quest. Could this be the reason? I think I might have the same problem with collecting the ‘gold’ wood in the rainforest. I am missing one. I remembered picking one up before I have the quest in my journal.

Picking them up before you have the quest shouldnt break it. I pick up all kinds of things before I get quests for them. However it’s a game and unexpected things happen. But picking things up before you have the quest shouldnt effect the quest.

Thanks you.

That is so weird. So it could be a bug within the game.

I do remember seeing the coin and jar in those location as I even told my friends how to kill those monsters that protect the items. I told them, they are items there that they can pick up.

Is there a way to reset it maybe?