Sprinting Issues & Missing Items & Spell Shaking


I am still having issues with sprinting in-game. I have to hold down both trackpads [Vive] forward to run the same speed as everyone else in-game while every single person [even those with Vive] can run faster than me with only one trackpad/controller. And on top of that, my mage character runs slower than everyone else even if I am holding both trackpads forward. Ranger, Healer, & Tank runs the same speed as everyone else if I am pressing forward with both of my trackpads/controllers. Please correct this so I can move around in-game using only one trackpad/controller while matching the speed of everyone else.

I lost about 50 minor shards in my player’s home storage when I tried to stack about 20 minor shards on top of a pile of 50 minor shards. When the shards were combined, the whole stack was replaced with those 20 something minor shards instead of those 70-ish minor shards. And now I can’t move my major shards back to my home’s storage. The major shards keep moving back to my inventory on their own. Sent Riley my output document.
Update. After three restarts, and moving items around, the major shards are finally staying in my player storage now.

In some locations, spells shake left to right while you are drawing them. Not your wand nor is this a sensor problem. I have heard this is a common issue in the desert. However, I have only experienced this in Lucian Plateau.

In-Game Name: Drobone

P.S. What is the best method for reporting bugs/item glitches?


Hi there, sorry about the issues.

Just checking for the movement speed, are you by any chance pointing lower to the ground on the mage than the other classes? Because by default, pointing lower will slow you down while you move. You can disable that in the settings, which I recommend doing.

Re: item count issues, we are tracking that for sure. It appears to be purely visual, but makes it confusing.

We’ve also heard about the shimmering of spells, but that’s been a tough one track down. Does it happen on all graphic settings for you?

ps: This method is the best one, we read all the reports :slight_smile:


I were 100% certain that vibrating spells were on my side, noticed it in desert, so Ive been fastening sensors, cleaning computer and updating drivers passed few days, did not occur that changing zones could have fixed it since I changed zone due to friend :expressionless: and here I thought I were good :joy:

Btw, could be my imagination, but since I changed to ”hold controller high to move faster” Im actully keeping pace with team mates… when I remember to hold it higher.


Hey Mathieu_D,
I forgot to mention I turned off “directional speed” a long time ago. I’m not sure what the setting is actually called. I have had this issue since day one and felt kind of silly asking others how they move around in Orbus. Ha! But there is totally a difference in running speed comparing my mage to the tank, healer, and archer. I don’t think my minor shard stack is glitch, but I will check. The amount hasn’t change for the last 24 hours.

Caine, which zones/areas are you experiencing the stuttering spells in?

Update: I have checked the minor shards and they are definitely not glitched. The amount was reset to 20 something now. I tried moving them around and the amount didn’t reset. And then I split the minor shards and it still showed 20 something minors. This issue happen around 8pm server time 18/6/8.


I have the spell problem in a few areas as well. I especially notice it I am near the edges of a zone or the airship fly’s above me. I’ve tried, video card drivers, new video card and lots of other tweaks. No luck. It is better with my 1080ti. I find the shaking is due to frame rate dropping below 90 and the anti aliasing acting funny.

I also move slower as a mage, but i figured its because I use locomotion and my friend uses teleportation


@Mike_F have you checked network?


Not thoroughly but I have pinged the server and it was 30ms or so. I have gigabit internet on the east coast. Also it’s usually specific areas that are bad.


Hello again,
Please excuse the exessive messages. Would someone be able to look into my account and correct the sprinting issue with healer, tank, and archer classes requiring both trackpads to match the sprinting of everyone else using one trackpad. The mage class is slower than the other three classes and it is unable to match the speed of everyone else using even both trackpads.

Also, there are a lot of missing minor shards from my storage. About 50 of them. Could someone look into this? Happened around 8pm server time 18/6/8.

Any update on desert and lucian’s area with spell characters shaking? This happens on all graphical settings.


We think the sprinting issue has to do with the difficulty with Vive touchpads to hit 100% speed, so we’ll look into making the treshold to achieve 100% speed lower on Vive.


Relating to speed. I have a vive too but my speed seems comparable to others most times. But this one guy was going nearly twice as fast as me. (Could be a speed potion but Idk)

I was walking to the zoo from the stairs leaving highsteppe. There was this guy who come from behind me swinging his arms (kinda like sprint vector if you’re familiar or running in place) and went from the stairs, ran to the kelpies by the fishing hut, stopped, turned around and ran to the rainforest all before I got to the lake on my way to the zoo.

Are there any third party sources that could allow a player to do this? Such as a omni-virtuix, or the program ‘natural locomotion’ on steam?

I’ve never seen a speed potion in person but this seemed excessive. And due to his speed I couldn’t see his name nor even have time to think about using the proximity player option in the menus to see his name.


The Vive seems to move 1/2 as fast as the Oculus. Especially once you compare teleporting. Hoping they speed the Vive up not slow the Ocluous down.

This is with the option for the controller angle speed reduction disabled ect.


I’ve been playing the game for a looooong time and I’ve never experienced this to be the case. I’ve only seen that locomotion is slower than teleporting. Maybe you are hesitating more between teleports or something of that nature?


This is an Oculus Rift thing and it’s not a bug. It’s just a peculiarity of Rift.


What is?

Controllers, regardless if they are from HTC, Oculus or from outer space, are just input devices. How the input is interpreted is entirely up to the game. The game may use some of the standard assets from f ex oculus, steamVR, VRTK or similar, but at the end of the day it is the responsibility of the devs that the controller input is interpreted correctly (and things such as movement is even across the board) :wink:


Both of the inputs work the same, however the key difference is that the Oculus joystick is very easy to “max out”, whereas the Vive touchpad can be harder to get to 100% because you have to reach to the verrry edge of the touchpad currently. I will put in some code so that as long as you are “most” of the way there on Vive it corresponds to 100%. That’s the only difference I’m aware of.

As for the person who was going faster than you, it could have been a speed potion or it could have been the talent from the Musketeer that speeds you up when your turret expires…I’m not aware of anything that swinging your arms would do, but if you see it again let us know and we can investigate. But I would think if something like that were out there we’d be hearing a lot about it and lots of people would be seeing it, not just one time.


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