Squddie boss needs to be tuned


Right now the adds that are spawning are spawning so fast that you generally need multiple people shooting at it. Also the poison pools spawn fast as well which also extends the boss fight significantly in conjunction with how the DPS is handling adds. Its wiping groups that can otherwise do all the other supposedly harder bosses.

Compare this with the shroom which has much more managable spawning rates for the adds and no permanently persisting poison pools that spawn just as fast that cannot be destroyed like the adds.

Can this boss be tuned (nerfed) like Shroom was nerfed so that people actually think its worth doing? I suggest at least nerfing the spawn rate on the adds or the poison pool, or both.


So the problem isn’t the difficulty, but the time requirement?


Hey Corgi, please don’t take what I will say personally, even more with all that happened tonight. But i’ve seen ABC video of squiddy and you guys need to work on a new strat for that boss. There is easier ways to do it.

In this game bosses are hard till you know all the mechanics and develop a strategy to counter them elsewhat it’s gonna be a hard fight.

For exemple on launch day we had a group of 4 on worm and couldn’t do it. Now it is easy farm with 4 and doable at 3 but longer. We needed days of testing to get it there tho.


I do think there is something to be said for the relative challenge between keeper and non-keeper bosses as right now if you are speed clearing for daily drops it’s faster to do all the non-keepers except for squiddie as potion keeper is faster/easier and can drop fragments. Not sure if that suggests squiddie needs a nerf or potion keeper a buff or both or what but it definitely feels off compared to the other wings.


I don’t want to give anything away but since the fight has been out for a while, those pools can be dealt with.


I am more concerned on the disparity between other bosses than the difficulty of the boss itself.

Its more about the balance between shroom vs squddie add management and how much attention is needed rather than mechanics. Your logs surely must show a large gap in kills because people just skip him.


Hi Corgi,

I don’t want to post spoilers on this forum but if you want some help PM us on discord!
We also initially struggled a bit with squiddie but once we worked out some solid tactics we were able to do it in quick turn around and succession. I can share strats with you on him to make life easier. There is a couple of strong ways to do this we found depending on your team comp!

Thanks buddy,


Same here, skipping this boss lately. An honest feedback on ABC vids @J11 , it’s not so much a problem of strategy here, our strategies seem just same for everything I saw, the main and major difference is that bosses go down way, way, way faster - that means, not like, half the time needed, but like, 10-20%… -, so the many coincidences which cause our wipes like adds spawning in weird places are minimized, and the longer the fight takes the more likely a player looses concentration and makes a mistake, as well.

And if there is a significant brute-force factor involved then there’s nothing to do for lower guilds but farm easier bosses until all blues are gone, no one got tiles either since you need to have gear worth this effort. Second thing involved is surely practice/skills, but a nerf would perhaps help with that because the thing is, if certain bosses get skipped all the time (I don’t know who does this one regularly…) this practice will never come.


Yeah I know what you mean, I didn’t kill Squiddie before 3-4 days ago because nobody wanted to farm him. But since the quest is out we went back to him to find a new strat and now I can tell you it is a super easy fight.

It’s easier to farm than the last boss of this dungeon since with tank keeper (spoiler free explanation) there is some rng that can make a situation hard to get out of. But with squiddy it’s the same thing at all time in the fight, so you can do it whitout much thinking.


I am pretty in line with Lok on this one…But I can understand that it is difficult for newer teams and I am fully willing to help if you need any tips. Note that… In that boss fight we do not have a runemage in the party. It might be less risky with a runemage in the party.


I have to agree with Lok and J, Squiddie is super easy, though I don’t think it would be much safer with a runemage, however it might take a bit longer. If you need any tips or pointers, feel free to drop J or me a PM here or on Discord! :wink:


Ok so how about fixing two other things?

  1. Adds dealing AOE damage after the boss is dead. Shroom’s poison doesn’t do this?
  2. Add’s creating visual AOEs after they are killed even though the AOE doesn’t deal damage?

I get you guys want to keep the boss at its current difficulty but this boss is asking more out of players than other bosses and that’s why I’ve made my suggestions. If the dev team thinks that’s fine then that’s that, but hopefully these other two bugs I’ve mentioned can be addresses then.


These two I think are real bugs that cannot really be played around except calling ghost AOE to team mates. So yeah, I feel like they could/should be reworked.


Yep, I will work on those.


Awesome, thanks Riley!


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