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i got my mixed reality VR from Lenovo a few days ago. After testing it with some cool games in Steam i was interested for a mmorpg in vr and i found OrbusVR. Now i see there will be a Expansion in the next year. is it worth it to start now or better to wait? How is the Community for new players?

And does anyone have expirience with mixed reality and orbusvr?



there will be different story( reborn will be in the future). you will be closer to max level if you start now compared to after reborn. There will be 4 new classes in reborn and level scaling that will hopefully be good for leveling. Basically it is up to you on what you want to do.

As far as mixed reality goes… at the moment for VR if it isnt rift or vive, it is junk. i have no idea how bad the tracking is on lenovo’s attempt, but i guarantee it wont be as good as rift or vive.


The mixed Reality is very good at tracking in other games and it has a better resolution than htc and rift right now. My problem is that on steam the game have no mixed reality icon. i want to know if it works with mixed reality or not. Dont want to waste money if its don’t run on my mixed reality.


Windows MR is not Officially supported, but it does work with some quirks. I used a Lenovo Explorer for a while and was able to play most things without issue. For smooth locomotion, the controllers will use the trackpad by default and the control sticks won’t do anything. I found a steam mod to map the trackpad to the control sticks to get them to work for me, but I think there’s a way to do it in steam itself now (I’ve since switched to a rift so I’m not sure). Another thing to get used to is that to put away loot or get our your weapons you have to reach behind your head. With the inside-out tracking you loose tracking back there, but they are all possible to do without issue once you get used to it. You have to move kinda quickly so the accelerometer can work well enough to get the position.
With my headset, I wasn’t able to do the runemage very well. It was likely a mix of the headset itself and the computer being somewhat underpowered, but tracking for drawing the spells was always jittery and inconsistent.
Ranger can work, but you have to be careful of loosing tracking if you pull the arrow back too far. I’m not a fan of the ranger anyway so I didn’t put much time in it.
Warrior and Musketeer worked pretty much flawlessly. Neither one is dependent on super precise tracking and you don’t have to reach either out behind you during combat.
There are new classes also coming with the expansion, so far we know of the Bard and Shaman and from what we’ve seen/read about them I don’t think either will have much trouble on WMR. There are 2 others we haven’t heard anything about yet.


Thank you :slight_smile: that information helps me a lot.


Can’t say much about the headset, but from a pure gameplay perspective it is surely better to start now. As others said you can chill and already level one or two classes to 20, so you only have 10 levels to go, and get used to the existing classe’s mechanics which won’t change much in Reborn.
On top of this owning the original game you can already take part in the Beta Tests and get a glimpse on what is coming in Reborn, next one is coming up this weekend.


Workes fine, except for fishing. But you can just buy the fish you need.

Not officially supported, but the devs still try to fix it a bit ever so often

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