Starting weapon, and healing in PvP arena


I wont say its imposible, but its verry hard to take down musketears in the pvp arena as it is now. The damage output of the starting bow is just to low, and the warrior defense Isn’t high enough, allowing the musketears to heal and decurse threw most attacks, and just tank threw it.

I would suggest solving this by giving out a better starting bow, and some warrior armor at the start, or at least improving the droprait for them.

Mage could use something with a STR bonus to up the spells flight, they are so easy to dodge right now.


It’s not balanced atm and the devs have said that, musketeers 1vs1 are hands down the best class. A decent musketeer can dodge and outheal anything you throw at them and just wear you down. It’s typically a longer battle but with no classes having a silence or an attack that reduces the enemies healing, good muskets will win almost 100% of the time.


Unless I kite enemies into their fire, and hit with a charged multi shot


Like I said “good” muskets will win ALMOST 100% of the time.


Note my verry hard statement :wink: im not a musk, but I am on the leaderboard, even if it’s at the bottom.
Up the weapon power and it’s ok, I can get any musk down to 1/8 health at close range before dying or they heal, with a lucky bow drop I will win it. Pesky aoe poison is a problem otherwise. Sniping isent possible tactic with the starting bow.


lol @ the leaderboard comment. It doesn’t justify anything for PvP. It’s impossible to even get in a match with such few players queuing up and it doesn’t show winning %. I’ve also killed muskets in the arena, usually when they don’t see me coming or I get lucky with double frost after they decursed the first one.
The arena is deeply flawed at this point with people being able to team up on one another and others running off to level while others killing themselves.


Team building, and killing oneself is a important part, never seen battle royal?


Musky main atm.

Wondering if they should change the musky to be more of a strictly support class. Taking away damage shots, like poison and weakness. This could then be delegated as a specialty of the dps classes, runemage and ranger.


I main as a musketeer too, how would you propose that we level ourselves if you take away our damage orbs? Leveling in a group isn’t always a viable or desired option.


Hm…regular shots would make leveling a pain and very slow right?


lol, it’s pretty slow now imo. I’m currently leveling a ranger so I can solo more lvl 18-20 kill quests in a timely manner. I can do it with my Musketeer now, but I’m not willing to spend that much time trying to kill one beasty :wink:


The op part isent really the poison, it’s the aoe poison, no dodge chance. I don’t think you use that in solo fights.


If you mean in PVP, then I’ve no idea, I don’t participate in PVP if I can help it.
As a PVE player, while I’m happy being support in groups, I would like some way to kill mobs while out questing/gathering. If Poison is taken away or nerfed because someone thinks it’s too OP for PVP, then it affects me too as a PVE player.
I do understand this is a PVP thread, but class changes affect us too.


You are posting in a PvP arena thread… musketears are op in PvP in general, and especially in the low-level arena. Would changing poison orb to only single target affect your gameplay? I would love to have a way to make all my arrows aoe, but sadly hitting my trap has no effect :persevere:


It would actually. There are times where the AoE poison helps a lot.
Just because this is a PVP thread doesn’t mean someone can’t have input when you are discussing changes that will affect PVE gameplay.
In terms of comparing damage, I’ve seen rangers take out the starting target dummy in one shot, but I’ve never been able to do enough damage that outpaces the dummy’s regen to do the same. I realize your regen in PVP is lower or non-existent in combat, so a musketeer that can heal themselves has a health advantage, but in pure damage, that’s an advantage that rangers and mages have.


It’s been stated a few times that (as per the current plan) pvp will be balanced around group fights in the future. Not class against class. And even then it hasn’t been balanced yet. So right now I’d say use arena as a platform to practice against more difficult to beat classes, but this stuff doesn’t matter much right now.


the poison is easy to dodge if u are good enough even if it is aoe. the aoe doesnt help if u teleport behind the person and predict when they shoot. same with u if i remember correctly xD
the OP parts is the heals, going from zero to 100 real quick and then Heal of time


It’s not as easy to dodge if you are casting spells. Not all of us have the luxury of moving with both hands and can attack easily while on the move.

I don’t think the problem is the dmg. The problem is the other classes need some sort or silencing attack or some attack that puts a debuff on the musket that reduces healing by x amount.


What if some orbs needed to be charged in order to be effective? Giving time and some type of visual warning when used in PVP. This or even slowing down the bullet itself after being shot? This can be worked on so what the time to reshoot each orb effectively is still the same, i.e. lowering the cooldown of the orb showing up + charging time = old cooldown?

Also, I don’t know this but is the musky poison the same as the ranger poison? And should they be the same when one is AoE and the other is single?

I think there is disparity between training each class but I haven’t really advanced far enough…Giving musky’s AoE and sustain makes it a bit unfair if musky’s are easier to level up than compared to other classes. Each class should be hitting around the same amount of kills per hour, this is different from dps, due to waiting health regen. But idk, haven’t mastered and trained enough in ranger or runemage to tell if this is the case.


In all honesty, if it doesn’t adversely affect my PVE game, then I’m not concerned. A musketeer that plays PVP would have to weight in on how changing bullet speed, or anything else when in PVP, would affect them.

As for PVE kills per hour, musketeers are slow, we have 0 downtime due to health, but killing takes time. A ranger or runemage that is able to kill before the mob reaches them, or is good at kiting to prevent taking damage, would also have 0 downtime due to health, but could get more kills.