Stat Buff Activity Quest Idea

How about having an NPC that makes you do something physical IRL for a small temporary stat buff or potion? 10 pushups = +10% ATK for an hour, situps = +VIT, jumping jacks = +DEX, etc. Quantities and buff increases could vary, these numbers are just to convey the idea. Make it a once per day repeatable quest, would be a neat feature for a game that already has us moving around.

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I could dig this, but at the same time I’d be a little scare to do some of these things in costly VR gear that would be needed to track it haha. But then again…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already punched my hand into my ceiling fan… So I might stick with sit-ups if they do it haha.

I don’t realistically see this fitting into Orbus.

It’s a neat idea, sure, but I don’t think Orbus is the game to implement this idea.

Potions already exist, and are very feasible to create. We will surely see more potion variety that will do exactly this, and it would be a matter of drinking the one you want for the situation.

Tracking and playspace will also become an issue. Not everyone, myself included, has a large playspace at roomscale 360 degree tracking to do workout routines with the headset on.

Not to mention Orbus is already incredibly physically demanding, some classes more than others, and adding to that may cause issues as well.

Lastly, I really dont want to risk damaging my equipment doing a task like this IRL.

Cool suggestion, but this is not the direction I would like to see Orbus take.


It was a little side idea really, nothing potent enough to make a world of difference or make it something necessary. Just a neat little feature to get you pumped up for a big battle and give you an extra boost while you’re at it. I’d totally take some extra HP for awhile in exchange for some sit-ups haha. Especially because I tend to play solo a lot so any kind of random buff that’s rewarding both IRL and in game simultaneously would be pretty rad. I’m not suggesting this turn into a workout game, just suggesting giving buffs for doing it anyways to promote what makes this game so special. I hate daily quests, but this would be worthwhile to me. I’m sure I’m the minority though. Thanks for the responses! VR in itself is already kinda do at your own peril, I’ve almost punched my balcony door before. Crazy Drunkn Bar Fight lol

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I love your ideas, that would be fun and to boost your intelligence you would have to solve a puzzle.


I just had that exact same thought this morning on my way to work for what could help the Runemage! Awesome contribution Johann!