Stats and their effect

Hello everybody,
I would like to ask what each of the stats does right now. It seems it’s not explained within the game.

I farmed for a new weapon and got a 150ATK longbow. Later from the same enemy I got a war bow with just 125ATK but additional 31 intellect. If I read the Dev blog correctly the intellect is supposed to increase skill damage… but it really doesn’t seem to be worth it and I use the 150ATK bow instead. Is there anything I might be missing about this stat?

you could just test it at the training dummy
but i don´t know what this stat is doing


Right. Gotta do that later. Thanks for the reminder

That´s what a forum is good for :wink:


I’ve updated the Equipment page on the Wiki with a description of what each stat does at a basic level:

However, determining what stats you should prioritize over others is an exercise I will leave you you all :slight_smile:


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