Staves, Support Mage, and Class Variations?



Hey everyone! New to the forum, but been playing the game for ~19 hours now. I’m loving what the devs are doing with this, and each new update is exciting.

Now, I know that everyone and their dog has suggestions, but hear me out.

The statues on Maat’s keep are awesome. Particularly the mage with the staff. I’d LOVE to have staves as a mage. But instead of just having it as a wand re-skin, what if when the staff was used it switched your talents/spells to be more support and utility focused.

Along the same lines, each class could have a different weapon set that changes their classes main function. Perhaps dual wielding or two-handed weapons for the warrior to make them more DPS focused. Crossbows for rangers to make them more -whatever the opposite of what they are now is-. And for musketeer: dual pistols? a freaking cannon? Who knows, I mostly just want a staff for runemages.
I get that the new talent system is trying to accomplish some of that already, but by doing something like this it could double how many skills and playstyles there are already!

This idea mostly stems from the fact that 1) Staves are cool, but more importantly 2) With the recent addition of combat resurrecting for Musketeers (and with their other more useful abilities), runemage feels lackluster. I understand we’re supposed to be DPS, but the only truly good damage combo is Frostbolt -> Icelance, and casting that over and over is monotonous.



I believe there are going to be other classes other than the basic 4 with time, it’s just that they are a bit further away :wink:

One of the Kickstarter goal was the following (it was not reached, but I think it will come sooner or later):

At launch in addition to our four planned Battle Disciplines, we’ll add one more! We’ve got several options to choose from, including the Monk (with fast-paced fists of fury), the Shaman (laying down totems to control the battlefield), and more. We’ll give several options and let the whole community vote on which one they’d like to see get included.


But will any of them have a staff :frowning:


Just edited my post above, but I think the shaman might have a staff (not sure at all :smiley: )


Oh god, Monk is going to be tiring.

Well now I’m more excited!


Haha, yeah, though even warrior can be exhausting (clocked about 230 hours with my warrior :smiley: ), but I still love it :wink:


O man, if we got a staff, I’d want nothing more than to be able to “play golf” with a “kelpie ball.”
insert memories of getting wand for the first time and practicing on kelpies outside the cave until deciding king stag, got it

Aggro! Failed spell! Failed spell! It reached the runemage (or whatever we’ll call the class with the staff)! Static hand not ready (if applicable)!
swings staff like a golf club, small enough mob goes flying

Naturally not as ideal as pushback since some damage would have been received, but buys some time for the squishy runemage / whatever class!


swings like baseball bat to knock over jungle healer :no_mouth:

I can’t imagine being anything but runemage (super kudos to those multi-class individuals) although I’d be sorely tempted with a future punching class!


I do wish more combos would be added to break the frostbolt Icelance monotony. It may be more exciting once you get the level 20 skill set but 19 levels is a long time to play doing The same thing over and over.

Always enjoy seeing people’s ideas for new classes!


I wish there was a lot of variations in the same class on how you play :slight_smile:
I think it would feel nice in general to use a big weapon on a warrior for added reach etc, at the expense of shield slot.
Talents are a step in the right direction but didn’t do too much overall in my opinion.


I wrote some stuff, feel free to read it!

Of course, it’s all a very big ask.

Also I realized a flaw with the battlemage. You could potentially block with a shield & still cast spells. Still, I think it was a good chunk of ideas. Feel free to consume it to form your own opinions.


True they wanted to add one of those but only if they collect $40,000 in the kickstarter campaign. I wonder if they are going to do a second kickstarter campaign in order to expand their team and to create some new classes.


I have a question to this to be Staff mage. How to do teh spells with staff?


I think everything from the goals will come, they are just being postponed, though we would need a dev to confirm this


This is probably true. I still think that they should consider a second kickstarter campaign or another way of fundings. There are so many things this game doesn’t conclude and there team is really small.
Btw I hope that they add the Shaman class to the game. I really like the idea of the Shaman class which controlls the battlefield.
The Monk would also be cool because than we can make the warriors more tank.


I was thinking about it, and maybe it could be handle like the musketeer’s orbs? Drawing with a staff would be goofy for sure. My other thought was that you have an offhand spellbook, and you cast whatever spell the book is opened to, maybe by ‘pulling’ the power/spell out of the page with the staff to prime it, then cast with a button press. Could be interesting.


I don’t feel like a second Kickstarter would be easily justifiable when they’re already charging full price for the game


I was thinking also. I think it would be funny and interesting if the way to activate spells was by combinations of tapping the staff on the ground, rotating it sideways and forward, and making a circle in front of you.


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