Steam Achievements

I am not getting steam achievements (though I am getting in-game ones) and none of the ones I previously got during the headstart are showing as complete on steam. When I check global steam stats for them, it shows a lot of players have gotten some of them, so it doesn’t appear to be something affecting everyone.

I think the problem is people who got those achievements during the Head Start need to be caught up. I will write a script for that.


I wanted to follow up on this and also ask if there was a way to see in-game achievements. It seems like there are more achievements in-game than their are on steam, but no way to see them or work towards them.

There will be in time, but we havent had a chance to put this in since beggining EA but it is on our list of things to do

Any chance you have a list you could publish here or on the wiki? :slight_smile: If not, it’s all good, just curious.

It’d be tough to have that kind of thing publicly viewable because there’s hundreds of things on it and not all of it will be done or with a timeframe for it, so it would give players certain expectations regarding features or fixes.

Oh no, sorry, I meant a list of achievements currently achievable in game.

Oh, oops. Of course that’s what you meant :wink: we don’t want to share them just yet, there are secret objectives in them to discover.

In Steam, none of the icons for the achievements are showing. I only see standard web browser placeholder no-image-here icons.
Is that just me?

I checked via 2 computers (Windows 10 Chrome, Ubuntu Chromium) and my own and also friend’s Steam account.

I so far only have the 5 hours in-game achievement, but if I click on that I can go to the game’s achievements listing and see a bunch of achievements and none of those have icons either.

We are working on icons for the achievements, should have them done soon.

Oh cool! Just wanted to make sure something wasn’t broken and unreported. =)

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I’ve noticed I’ve been getting in-game achievements that aren’t on the steam achievements, will these be added to the steam achievements in the future or will they be in-game only?

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They are in game only, I think there are 20+ on the steam page, but long term we will be adding a way to view your in game achievements in either your player house or journal page or something in between,


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