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Hello everyone!

This is a short post, I just want to know if anyone has OrbusVR on both Steam and Oculus. Did anyone have to purchase both? I was hoping that I could make a request for a Steam key since I already own it on the Oculus store and I would rather use the Steam version since I feel that there is less development support for the Oculus platform.

Thanks for your replies!


The only difference between the two is that for Steam it’s easy to opt into the beta build, but for Oculus you have to email Riley to get set up for it. other than that the game you are playing is identical on both platforms.


I tend to buy all of my game software from Steam for regular gaming and Oculus store for VR, since I have an Oculus Rift. Seems like the Vive and Rift need to open their eco systems up a bit. I would love to just have everything in Steam, but the Rift tie-ins just aren’t there yet.


I don’t think it’s identical, i have seen this feature for Steam where you can twist your controller to view your desktop. I want that feature but I heard it is only available for SteamVR


It’s an app, like OVRDrop or something, but it’s not an inherent part of SteamVR that I’m aware of. Oculus Dash 2.0 has something similar now built into the Oculus software.

OrbusVR, however, is the same game no matter how you buy it.


Even if you get it on steam it runs on the oculus SDK and steamVR doesn’t run. I’d get it on steam. (From someone that has an oculus and got it on steam)


I got it on steam mostly because I like collecting steam achievements


Yeah it is OVRdrop. It is useful, text is still hard to read but nifty.


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