Stickied Locked Community Resources Post

Can we get a stickied, locked community resources post with 1) a link to the Unofficial Discord and 2) links to some of the community resources therein? I feel like this would go a long way to clearing up a lot of the trouble that new players have by giving them various sources of information such as the community wikis, tools like the armory, and access to the discord.


Agreed. Currently we have to tell them about the discord and a set post would be extremely helpful. This post needs more attention

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I would rather they didn’t.

Very good idea then we don’t need to post same things over and over… not sure if it’s getting too lengthy but perhaps single very frequent questions like a “top faq” could also be added like where to find the logs/selfie bot screenshots.

PS: @Parintachin not sure what you mean, but in case you don’t know, the unofficial discord is where you find and form groups, announcements about server restarts and so on. It is kind of a basic thing to be at, additional to forums (if you are on an oculus quest of course it might be more difficult but you can at least read, if not talk).
Some other links like maps and wikis are optional and some might find things out things themselves, but well, these resources are linked all over the forums (and basically provided by all the guilds). Those who don’t want to use them can just not click.

Yeah. I’d rather the official site didn’t link to unofficial resources. Don’t have to agree with me, just voicing my opinion.

Though it’s called “unofficial” you will have all the official announcements there. The name is kind of a relic of older times when it started and devs lacked resources to take responsibility for the central discord used by everyone (even guilds announce their discords there, just like on forums) and it is still, in fact, ran by the community, yet some devs and community managers are monitoring/supporting there, too.
Just as one of the wikis was actually containing info coming from devs and being confirmed by them, it used the orbus logo and all. When I started right after launch devs pointed to that wiki all the time, where things like affixes are explained to have less typing or to class info, additional to patch notes. Only much later I learned this is also kinda unofficial or ran by volunteers… In this small community all this is not that clearly separated.
And I don’t see why people have to ask over and over - right here, in this category! - or join a guild to find what they are looking for, if a pinned post will make their life so much easier.

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I stand by my statement.

We could have a stickied, locked post managed by @Airis (a community leader on the unofficial discord). That way we get a post that everyone can see but is not “official” because it’s not a dev posting?

Bump and @Jake_E @Mathieu_D

Having a community resources post will go a long way to helping new players get accustomed to the game. There’s a whole lot of information out there that people currently will not stumble upon unless they know what they’re looking for or happen to ask the right person (more specifically, since some people don’t even know about the unofficial discord, get lucky enough to even find a right person to ask in game)

It will be posted soon :wink:

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Sorry for not replying earlier, but like Airis mentioned there will be one up soon! I had asked her if she was willing to maintain it after your suggestion, so we’ve been talking about it in the background.

edit: here it is Community Resources


Do we sent revision / addition suggestions to Airis or the dev team or both?

Send @Airis since she’s managing it

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