Still Not Liking Golden Egg

I find golden egg just so tedious to deal with. It’s just not what I signed up for when I wanted to play Orbus. Add that I think infection is enhancing the damage and its even more annoying. Myself and our group have pretty much decided to just level shards up to 13 this week or just power through them with a stupid, slow, but gets it done every time setup. I just hate this. I took a few weeks off and golden egg makes me want to just take more time off honestly.


I’d also like to say again how completely un-enjoyable I think this affix is. It takes away from the combat that I really enjoy in this game by forcing us to play an unrelated mini game. If I wanted to play games like hot potato I would play rec room. I’m here for a classic mmorpg.


Hm, 13 up? Isn’t it applying from level 11 already? It takes us that long to get good shards past 10, I don’t wanna loose these either… Edit: Ok, I saw it is not applying to 11s, so shard-level-week it is.

PS: I am still fond of optional mutations/hardmodes we can switch on in any shard level, just for practice btw… practicing something like this on shards which took days or even weeks to get is just a no-go; and i’m with Landru, it does feel like a minigame rather alien to an mmo anyway.


i love golden egg, our group enjoys tossing it around for fun during runs


So from what I can tell at least 3 of the 4 groups that work on high shards didn’t bother going above a 13 or 14. We stopped on 14 because we just got so frustrated with the golden egg and it was effecting our morale. Thats a whole lost week of not taking shots at 15 shards. I’d love to see this affix gone. If it shows up again next week in any of the other possible spots as a roll I’m just going to go on another break. I play to have fun with friends and have a laugh. None of that was had on our lvl 13 shards.


^^^^^^This. Nothing to add to it. The fact that 5 or 6 people enjoy these things - or found proper exploits, just a guess… - is no reason to spoil the fun for the rest of us. ^^^^


Although I disagree with getting golden egg gone because of what it is, I do agree that having 1 affix that is so much more of an affect on the difficulty of a shard then others is a bad thing. Because we are getting this effect of ppl avoiding those shards. Its a smart move and a bad effect. Golden egg is clearly imballanced.

Personally I would have seen every major past lvl 10 have a big effect like golden egg. But I am fine with the easier solution of nerving golden egg at-least a bit. Or to be fair what is needed: changing the logic to be more bareble. Changes like having the special arrows be shoot-able of rangers and letting muskies still be able to heal (keeping the golden egg on the back of players instead of in hand?). Needing less players to pass around the egg for low damage, etc.

So you didn’t run any 13s this week right? They changed some of the logic on the egg. It destroys you should you accidently drop it (easy to do) and pick it back up. It was ticking for 30%+ of my health per pickup I believe. It may have actually gotten worse per pickup. You can actually gib yourself if you’re a bard because it will sit on the xylophone if you drop it. I accidently reset the grip settings on my left index controller and managed to drop/pick it up several times real fast and boom. That effect may be due to Infection, I don’t know. It was far more punishing this week.

I am all about interesting dynamic gameplay. But this seriously killed a week of progression for a lot of people, not just my crew. There are just so many problems with it. Its SUPER easy to accidentally grab the orb from someone (example archers grabbing arrows near you). It forces a class to entirely gimp itself and no longer enjoy what they logged on to do. It can go flying if you drop it in certain ways making it super confusing. If you wipe, you have to sit around and wait for it to explode and THEN reawakening before you can move eating up precious time on shards like crypt and others with long runs. None of this is fun. MAYBE if it took up a belt slot and we cloud throw it at a person when it was time to deal with it and then it equipped on their belt slot and so forth THAT would be fun. But not this crap, no way.

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This was already the case last time we had golden egg weeks (or months) ago.

So I’m probably going to promote Golden Egg to a brutal mutation since it is more on that level. I’m curious, how are you guys are timing the passing between players? I made the numbers so you are able to pass the egg between only 3 people if you do it right, and when passing between that subset, the egg can even be on the ground half of that time so it doesn’t hinder anyone as much.

The Infection mutation does not effect the golden egg damage. There is a DOT modifier that Infection increases, and the golden egg doesn’t use that modifier in its damage calculation.

The egg does “heat” up quicker when a player picks the egg up every time. That has been there from the start, no stealth update. This is there to stop a single player from just holding it for a split second and dropping it themselves.

As for accidentally grabbing the egg out of someones hand, I can disable the long range grab while someone is holding the egg to avoid this issue. Then enable long range grab again, once the egg is thrown, so you can still easily catch it or pick it up.

I’ll also look into the egg colliding with other players/monsters. I believe that is what is causing the egg to bounce in unintended directions. So I’ll try to make it so it only collides with the terrain.

And to minimize annoyance, I could make the egg only heat up and do damage while someone in the group is in combat. Then you don’t have to worry about passing it around when running back from a wipe (someone still has to initially pick it up though), or planning an encounter. And if the egg blows up while no one is in combat, it won’t kill anyone, just reset. That would solve the annoyance of wiping and waiting for the egg to blow.

What are you guys’ thoughts on this? Are there any other issues I didn’t address?


That would be some great changes to golden egg. One important downside and annoyance that wasn’t addressed is maybe the most difficult one to tackle. And that is the negative effect the Golden Egg has on some classes.

Mostly the Musky will not be able to play his class because of the loss of his orb grabbing hand. While the musky was suppose to heal. Bard on the other hand as healer can just continue healing with 1 hand.

And then there are other classes who get handicaps of different lvls. Where a ranger will lose all its special arrows for example, and scoundrel can’t use its cards and more.

And then there are classes that are not directly affected by it at all like the Shaman.

This complete handicap on one side of the spectrum (musky) which is horrible on itself for those players, to having no handicap on the other side (jealous annoyance for the players who get complete handicapped) is one of the bigger dislikes of golden egg as far as I know from ppl.


yay, now it’ll be way more common in the weekly roll :expressionless:

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Okay tend to not write on the forums but ill gladly give Feedback on it if this much thought was put into it.


Good just good any of these changes should make golden egg alot more bearable.

To get to the more important part though:

Most important There is still a huge issue with class disadvantages, there are classes which cant execute their full potential with only one hand. While others are just having a harder time. Listing it up made starting with most affected to least affected (completly out of my head so dont quote me on it):


  1. Musky - Cant heal at all, basically useless
  2. Ranger/Scoundrel Can only do their basic attacks which is a pretty heavy decrease in dps
  3. Warrior - Cant use shield? Edit: Nvm. can use shield probably not stun
  4. Pally - Cant use books while holding it, but i think if he takes it at the right timing its not to bad(as mentioned above guesses)

Quting Krunks suggestions would fix that stuff probabl, although i can image making it might take more time then wanted:

So i can confirm that 3 players are in theory enough to live through it, but if u have a group composition of say 1 warrior, 1 musky and 3 ranger, then u r still in major trouble. Also on the lying on the ground part, I can only speak from experience that the second the egg is lying on the ground one will break out in cold sweat because from that point on its one missstep to wipe. Ill pick up on this on my next point though.

Lets get to the last and most important part, even if its promoted to brutal it would still be by far the strongest in the category which in combination with the fact that the likeliness of getting it will increase make it alot more troublesome.
So looking at the affix compared to the others there seem to be 2 reasons why golden egg is so much stronger then the other affix:

  1. Currently brutals only either punish for not executing properly or make it overall harder:
  • Resurrection: Mobs rez dungeons gets harder
  • Shared Pain: Punishment for dying
  • Reflective strike: Punishment for shooting the wrong mob

But Golden Egg has its tick dmg which makes the shard overall harder AND wipes the whole group as punishment mechanic if its left alone for to long.
From what i thought of I see two options:

  • Have no tick dmg while its being held but if held for too long punishment. And even then i feel like it should be not a full wipe, more like 1/2 of the health + kill the person it is holding so it can kill you if ur in a bad spot but not impossible to recover from. Basically like shared pain. Which would also remove the possible abuse of someone just tanking the egg the whole time by himself, which is possible from what ive heard.
  • Have only the tick dmg and no punishment. Ball would deal continous dmg infinitely scaling and has to be thrown to someone else, if the egg lands on the ground itll just return to the player who had it before.
    To prevent abuses by throwing it over and over during the travel the tick dmg should still apply and of course not reset the multiplier.
  1. Its active on bosses:
    This is rly not all that hard to describe:
  • Imagine a ressing boss
  • Imagine a dps dying on a boss and kill the rest because of shard pain
  • Imagine a boss dealing dmg to you just for hitting simply because there is no other target
  • Or just imagine golden egg on mist keeper

As i said not hard to describe, let the egg be incative during a boss fight.

Thats all i can think about rn, if something else comes to my mind again ill just comment it to the post.
Also i didnt proof read any of this so if something is unclear pls just ask.

Addtion 1:
Reasoning for actually turning down the mechanics of Golden Egg to be more in line with the other affixes.
Even though the affix might be fun since its by far the hardest to execute Ppl will actually refrain from doing any thing they value in a week with golden egg. Because it is much more likely to lose it.

So as long as your not doing the shard for fun, which wont currently be the case for most ppl since its 11+ only, most will take the easy way out and wait. Which i dont think any shard affix should cause.

More of an offtopic note, looking at it from the blog description (since RNG-sus didnt give us any tests yet) time bomb seems like itll have the same issues mentioned in the brutal mutation part.

Edit 1: Actually finished post :sweat_smile:
Edit 2: Adjusted warrior (thanks Scott) :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit 3: Added Addition 1


Yup, worst possible change. We store all temple shards already and skip weeks with certain mutation combos, for certain dungeons. Leveling shards to doable 13s takes pretty much forever. We run with all-rangers and musky healer, almost all the time, I don’t believe any change can match that. It gets harder and harder to fill groups, due to my impression, main reason is the slow progress. If golden egg now poses an additional obstacle on even earlier shards, idk really…

PS: I will suggest once more to make that mutation an option for every level of every shard and take it out of the normal rotations, entirely. An optional hardmode on shards, giving out certain smaller rewards would allow to practice these mechanics for those who like them, also newer guild members, without loosing valuable shards; I’d find that much more fun.

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So we got all this positive changes making golden egg more barable, and even asking for what else needs to be changed. Then the only thing you focus on is that it might show up in lower shards (maybe they make it 15 only). So what I understand is you guys don’t want golden egg to be improved and less bothersome. You just want to avoid it no matter what, and don’t care for any improvment except for deleting the affix I guess?

No clue who “you guys” is but we all here state the same point, including you, which is the disabling of certain (2-handed) classes abilities, no matter what else of the proposed changes come… and no I can’t imagine it like this.
Avoid no matter what, well, depends on the group and shard, but since we lost a very good shard already with no clue how to proceed (group stood in the entrance, trying things, yet walked out after over 30mins of not getting one step further with anything…), I doubt many are willing to sacrifice high shards for practicing this. We got enough to improve with plain normal fights and other mutations.

(I even suggested a way to get the practice otherwise btw, one which does not involve sacrificing shards. Just like with practically all dungeons we practice on lower levels before and once the group got it, all could go higher… but that would require more than some tweaks, an entirely new feature, basically. But even then I am not sure how many are willing. It is just too outstanding, compared with the other mutations, perhaps more doable with some of astragts suggestions but there’s still the thing with disabling the class some actually wanna play, with both their hands, instead of throwin around eggs in between.)


Those changes won’t fix the fundamental problem with this mechanic that a lot of us are finding awful. I pretty much posed about the only way I could find this mechanic barreable. 1. Doesn’t take up a hand slot, but rather equips to your person. 2. You throw it on a person and it attaches to them when you need to pass it. Beyond that this mechanic is just annoying at best and driving people away from the game. I hope it didn’t come a across a as a tantrum, but any week that affix pops up is a week I’m just not playing. Both weeks we’ve had this affix have been weeks were we just hated playing the game and the tone of the group showed it.


For us, it doesn’t stop us from progressing. We can push through and get high level shards done, its just such a chore and so unfun we see no point. I hoped on to have fun, not hate what I’m doing for 25-30min at a stretch for a few hours.


I keep seeing the word bearable used. Why should the bar be set that it should just be something we grit our teeth and bare. I want to have fun.

At the moment I honestly think it needs to be taken off the rotation and reworked fundamentally.


I just want to voice my opinion so the opposite side of things can be heard as well, don’t want the devs to get the impression everyone hates this.

Our group does not have much difficulty with this, i compare it to hotfoot a lot because its a unique affix. The affix takes practice, just like hotfoot. people are saying ‘we just arent doing shards this week because of golden egg’ when they should be running these shards, if you don’t do them, you won’t be able to get better at them/do them, just like hotfoot.

As i mention on this thread:

hotfoot is truly an easy affix, yet many seem to dislike it for it’s initial difficulty.

If our group can run this affix without feeling as though it is impossible, i promise others can as well.

I just want everyone to understand that these are high level shards, challenge it to be expected.

When we first got golden egg, we did plenty of golden egg runs in a row, to get practice and formulate a strategy based off those runs. It was brutal those first few runs, don’t get me wrong, but since we have gotten that practice i feel as though we are now able to reliably run with golden egg as it currently is.