Still waiting for friends list online first sort

Title says all :upside_down_face:


or an option to have setting like original, alphabetic or online. nice sorting options.


don’t get the graphical designers and the programmers involved at the same time for a feature. Then the feature will take alot longer :frowning:


Dude 100%!! The friendslist is totally useless right now. I can’t tell if I’m at the limit, but when I add new people I have zero clue if they’re online or not.

I don’t want to create drama but I don’t think anyone would push back against this idea, would they?

I’d imagine this would be a pretty easy win for the dev team.

Don’t let this idea die!

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I fully agree with this.

They have a feature that tells you when friends were last on - this feature doesn’t work in my testing but still. It should be easy to sort the list by recently active.

Yep. Let’s make this happen.

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I like to think it’s always sorted by really obscure things like… how much purple someone has been wearing. But yes, even if the online players are sorted separately from the offline ones would be nice.


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