Stoping the trolls


So sometimes when a troll sees like 20 people getting ready to hit a world boss they will intentionally hit the boss to kill off a bunch of people, if not mess up the raid entirely.
And since it is easy to run back out they can keep doing it.
So my suggestion is to add a system where if like 12 people flag person X, person X can no longer enter the world bosses area, for like a hour.
And maybe have the flagging have like a 30 minute cool down also.
I haven’t seen it to much yet, but just thought I would put it out there.


That’s griefing and everyone should use the ingame report function on that player. Building a whole system around it would just allow that person to cause trouble elsewhere


Oh I hadn’t noticed to report button, but now that you say that I do remember seeing.:neutral_face:


Just playing devil’s advocate here. How do we know the player is griefing/trolling? It may be a player thinking they are just helping. If I’d just walked up and seen the situation I wouldn’t have known any better myself, that is, not knowing I shouldn’t hit the boss first? Having not come across a world boss yet, is that the mechanic? Seems most people are too quick to report/kick instead of explaining or giving the benefit of the doubt first.


If they do it once and you explain it (happened at our last raid) then it’s all good but if they repeatedly do it and see the result after getting talked to that’s greifing.

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