Story quest Job Seeker broken (Oops)

Not sure if you had a thread in mind for reporting on questing. talked to roma at university isle. He told me to talk to fassith. Talked to fassith and after the first dialog option my cape disappeared from my inventory (the guardian cape) and she won’t talk to me anymore so I can’t progress.

edit: derp. Remembered what to do (I skimmed the dialog) but then got a hard crash. A lot of players will not fully read the dialog and because the journal doesn’t update about getting the cloak you can easily think you broke it. My derp could be someone else’s derp.

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Yo i lost my cape too and didn’t read text. halp

talk to the big blacksmith around the corner. Now i’m stuck with the pilgrim escort. The blue pilgrim dude just stands there and nothing has shown up for 5 minutes. I’m trying to rush the story like most players will. It takes away a lot of the info you might need but I KNOW it’ll lead to a lot of confusion and complaints

okay, ill fix the one with fassith (shouldnt take your guardian cape) and ill see about adding in something in the jorunal about the blacksmith, on the Pilgrim Journal quest do you mean that the NPC for the quest isnt appearing?

it took a long time for him to appear but once he did it was easy to solo as a warrior. He did backtrack once and I had to face the same 3 wolves 2 times but after that it was smooth. The bandit camp leader likes to walk away when you’re talking to him so you have to chase him to keep up with the dialog options. Also sword rush during the tutorial will put you inside the retail so you can’t trackpad or attack until you teleport backward

Okay this is all great feedback, keep it coming, and good point about getting stuck on teh apprentice smith needing cape, i made it a another quest so players can look at their journal if needed

guard is currently killing all the infested spirits so I can’t complete this quest

Okay ya thats something were already tracking, the guard chaining togther aggro and killing monsters that dont need killed, were working on that one, is he in the middle of the Orchard or is he on the outide shooting in, his spawner should be on the backside of the farm house

he’s dead center killing everything around him. Occasionally a few spirits spawn in a pile but I just end up running away from them all. I can 2v1 but not 4v1.

can you get rid of him for a bit so I can complete the quest?

Well have to do a server restart to mess with the spawners and there is somethings im finishing up in the questing (adding in additional quests to be more claer/ etc), well do one once we get all those done.

How is the EXP gain, are you leveling too fast, too slow, just right? whats you Alt characters name also, you can PM me it if you want.

LoganAlt is the character name. My pc decided to lock up and my vive went rainbow static until I reset my pc so I have to relog. I’m level 6, so from quest exp only I’m a little behind vs spirits but it seems good. if I was in a party it would be very easy but still doable solo.

Okay that is a Lvl 8 quest, have you done any grinding or have you reached Lvl 6 purely from main story quests (have you done any of the side quests?)

main story only. finally managed to use the escort pilgrim npc to drag out some spirits so I completed that. Still level 6

last meal quest: looks like you have to do them in order (chef first). I talked to cenn first. He gave me the redtail quest and even though I completed the chef part it wont’ let me talk to cenn again. Going to complete the redtail quest and see if he’ll talk to me after that

edit: You can only do the cigar quest after completing both redtail quests

that guard is annoying, for the sweetie apple quest. he is killing all the ghost. I give up on that one. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

Yeah, it was a nightmare earlier today too. We had to try to lure him away and then snipe the spawns that appeared on the far side of the orchard, took a while.

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