Strange blue pointer ark line from players?

Ok so a bit of a strange one here and not even sure if it has been observed all ready and reported. Was playing group play in a party with 2 others yesterday. We were up in the forest taking out golems when it happened. All of a sudden from our third persons left hand a blue line appeared (it was kinda like a teleport ark line from your own view except all other players could see it apart from the players whom arm this glitch was sprouting from. Me and him were playing warrior with the third person playing mage.

So the blue teleport line coming from other players is intended, it should show up when they are in combat, and it’s so you can see where they are going to teleport. However, it should only show up when they are actively choosing a teleport spot. Did it get stuck and it was always-on?

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yes happens to me all the time and my friends

Should it pop up like that when they are using trackpad movement?

Yeah it was coming up even when the player wasn’t even using teleport we were in battle but we was using slide movement.

This is still happening, The blue line sticks fairly frequently. I will try and provide more details the next time I see it happening.

This item is still in our tracking system, but I have updated it to include a link to this thread. Thanks for reporting.

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